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Feedback - Your Deep Sea Fishing Ideas!

Hi Big Farmers,

It has been a little while since we discussed Deep Sea Fishing with you all, but that time has come to an end! In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion about the issues in the game; not just bugs and errors, but everything like features, events, design and balancing. One of the many points on the list of things the team would like to accomplish was Deep Sea Fishing, and it featured very highly as well. We feel that this event was a fun and interesting introduction to the game that added some depth to the experience. But having said that, we are also aware it suffers from some issues and does not yet live up to the potential that it has. At the same time, we also know you are passionate about this feature and we know you want to see it at its full potential too!

As a result of that, we would like to take some time to present you with some of our pain points for the event, where we feel the problems are and some vague ideas about what we would like to do in order to solve them. Changes can take some time and energy, but we are about to start planning those changes and want you to be involved! 

Please take a look at the pain points (below),

then read on to hear more about how you can help us:

Please bear in mind, these are simply ideas and some of the pain points that we think exist in the feature. They are by no means set in stone and we want to hear what you think! Do you agree with these points? Do you think there are larger issues we haven’t considered?

NOTE: Though it is not featured in this list, we are aware that market contract/pool rebalances have been requested and were promised. They are not included in this list as they are already assumed and will likely be a part of any redesign we do. Since we are requesting new ideas it may be a waste of a suggestion to mention the rebalance, since it is already something we are aware of and this feedback will be provided automatically with the ideas and suggestions you present here as a key topic.

In addition to that, we want to know if you have any specific ideas for us yourself. While we are aware of things like contract or pool rebalances being requested, and will be looking into those topics when it comes time to rework the feature, we also want to know what else you think could be good as part of the feature. Perhaps you had an idea that a magic whale shows up occasionally to give you an extra challenge, but a nice reward if you complete it. Or maybe you would like some more types of fish and equipment you can use. Whether it’s big or small, please share your ideas with us! We would love to see them all. We can’t implement all of them but it can give us a great idea what you want and how we should move forward with this feature.

If you have an idea, or just want to comment on the pain points above, please do so. If you see someone else’s idea or opinion and agree with them, then please "LIKE" their post! If a post receives more than [20] likes it will be forwarded directly to us by your friendly, neighbourhood moderator team. We are sorry we cannot implement every single idea that is submitted but we are looking for ideas that will benefit all of our players, and so we think this is the best way to handle your feedback on this topic. Seen a post that already has enough likes? Leave a like anyway! The more likes a post gets, the more we know you think it’s an important topic! And votes made with multiple accounts will of course not be counted and are against the terms, so please avoid this ;)

So please, leave your thoughts here, from the small and simple to the wild and wacky! And don’t forget to get voting on your favourite ideas too. And a final piece of advice, while we know that there are things you may not like in the feature it is always better to give us a solution as well as a problem. For example, if you think that Oleg’s jacket is too yellow it is better to provide us with some alternatives too, and tell us what colour you would like it to be instead. We of course appreciate all of your feedback, but feedback is often easier to consider and much more clear when alternative solutions are provided, so please bear this in mind ;)

As always, thank you for your endless passion and dedication!

Your CM Team



  • Southern (US1)Southern (US1) US1 Posts: 3,268
    Just reply directly to the thread. It's not locked.

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  • ninjahuman (AU1)ninjahuman (AU1) AU1 Posts: 2,525
    edited 12.02.2018
    I think there needs to be some changes, for example protection crew and lobster cages are almost useless at the moment and the contracts are very unbalanced in what they ask for. But I think it is more important to focus  on other parts of the game at the moment, there are many features with larger issues than this. For example, very few players will be able to complete the wedding planner weekly event at level 3 without gold. And most of the players who do will be very active and will have a fully built flower farm.

    Recently, there have been a lot of issues with the new events/features that have been introduced into the game and a lot of those issues have not been resolved. I presume you are already working very hard to fix this, but I don't think it will work too well to take time away from this to start working on new concepts to completely change the dockyard. It is not perfect, but at the moment it does work reasonably well. I can agree that some changes are needed, but at the moment it is not the right time when there are many other events that need some changes more urgently.
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