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How Many Times Should The Coop Championships Be Run Each Month?



  • Hecthor (NL1)Hecthor (NL1) NL1 Posts: 3
    I agree with once a month for CC.
    This is also the meaning for whole coop Luka.
    Hecthor @ nl 1
  • sijpko (NL1)sijpko (NL1) NL1 Posts: 2
    edited 28.01.2018
    ik vind het ook teveel cc 
    mag van mij minder .
    dus hierbij ook getekend 
    gr jannie  (spelernaam sijpko )

    Google Translation:

    I also think it's too much cc
    may be less of me.
    so also signed here
    gr jannie (player name sijpko)

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  • Sweetlilla (HU1)Sweetlilla (HU1) HU1 Posts: 24
    edited 28.01.2018
    HI, alle Welt, :)
    Ich bin einverstanden ! Monatlich ein Kampf ist ganz genug. CCs jede viertel Jahr, in zwischen andere ::))

    Hello World,
    I agree! Every single tournament a month is enough. Cooperative competition quarterly.

    s i g n e d

  • Once a month Coop Championship is more than enough.

  • Once a month is enough! 
  • Once a month Coop Championship is more than enough.
  • Unterschreibe ich zu 100 %!   einmal im Monat wäre noch immer mehr als genug.

    Signed to a100%! once a month would still be more than enough.
    Auf Gehts...
  • once a month is enough,signed
  • mostenveld (NL1)mostenveld (NL1) NL1 Posts: 1
    edited 28.01.2018
    Helemaal mee eens 1x per maand is genoeg 

    Google Translation

    Totally agree once a month is enough

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  • rschmidt (DE1)rschmidt (DE1) DE1 Posts: 286
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    einmal im Monat oder noch weniger ist voll und ganz ausreichend, alles andere ist quälerei

    Google Translation

    once a month or even less is completely sufficient, everything else is tormenting

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    rschmidt @ de 1
  • once a month is more than enough,
    sorin53 @ us 1
  • Please change it to once a month, right now it's near impossible to get anything done.
  • Tica54 (HU1)Tica54 (HU1) HU1 Posts: 721
    every month a league is enough
    Tica54 @ hu 1
  • I totally agree, once a month is more than enough. To be honest, Coop Championships quarterly would be sufficient for me.                     
  • Mistarie (US1)Mistarie (US1) US1 Posts: 6
    Once a month is my vote
    Mistarie @ us 1
  • Betty Birken (US1)Betty Birken (US1) US1 Posts: 73
    edited 28.01.2018
    And here they started another co-op Championship! it's been a long week of downloading issues prior to the one we had last week...can't play and check-in with my 4 hr rotation let alone partake with ANY of the events nor the CC! Our team dropped from 508 position down to 936 just by not being able to play WTH! and there are some who can so they are attacking on the Village League Challenge when no one else can download & play. Just crazy! ... [unacceptable content removed | Pickle]....  It's too much...once a month max is suffice!
  • Coulson (US1)Coulson (US1) Posts: 2
    edited 28.01.2018
    Dear Admins, 
    Having a Co-Op Challenge EVERY WEEK is too much!
    Please seriously consider having the Co-Op Challenge once a month only.
    Thank you.
  • To the admin of GGS,

    I would prefer to have the CC once a month
    Thank you
  • Please once a month is better.


  • Sherie (US1)Sherie (US1) US1 Posts: 3
    Scheduling Co-op Challenges every 4 or 5 days isn't just too much, it's WAY TOO MUCH!!!!! I had to leave my beloved co-op and friends 4 months ago because of the insane game calendar. I miss them something fierce, but it's a small team and they need players that can play CCs. The constant CC's are running good players off the game. It's not good for the players, and not good for the game.

    I'm asking for the support of every player and co-op leader that agrees that monthly CC's would improve the game experience and help limit player attrition. Please sign to show your support and direct your friends and team members to this thread to sign and share their thoughts. Please keep the thread about frequency of Co-op Championships only to keep things on track. Maybe for once, if the response is overwhelming, GG will listen to the players. 

  • Sherie (US1)Sherie (US1) US1 Posts: 3
    Once a month or every-other month is fine fro the coop challenges but this is too much.  It becomes the center of the farm instead an event with preparing for it and then playing it..
  • MLady Lia (US1)MLady Lia (US1) US1 Posts: 24
    The only thing lacking from Big Farm to make it a real job is my being paid real money. Over the months, it's become more like work and less like a game. Limiting the CC to once a month will not only take some of the pressure off the players, it will take some pressure off the servers! There's so much going on ALL THE TIME, I can't keep up with what little icon is being harvested for which mission/championship/event/whatever. What a mess.

    Add me to the 'once a month's enough' players.
    ~Never pick a fight with anyone who buys cyber ink by the barrel and pixels by the ton.~
  • Once a month would at least be better than it is now, quarterly would be much better. Consider me signed
  • signed !!! i totally agree with this.. game has gotten to boring and no longer fun anymore
  • We hope that you will make the Co-op Challenge once a month.

    Thank You
  • The endless CC's are draining my enthusiasm for this game. Monthly CC's would be better.

    signed...Leslie Weaver
  • Tanetre (US1)Tanetre (US1) US1 Posts: 3
    Signed!  I agree once a month is more than enough!  This is getting to be too much to do along with the new events (Food truck and Wedding Planner).  While you're at it, please rebalance the drop rates in those events.  At this rate it is not worth even doing.  We have lives outside of this game! 

    Thank you
  • Signed and I agree!

  • Signed and I agree!
  • ceecee70 (US1)ceecee70 (US1) US1 Posts: 2
    I vote CC once a month. 
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