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unlock the architect at level 250 - 300 ?

many high players can use the architect more often
they make the money and get stuck during building ther farms

I would like to see that on the wish list


  • magy (NL1)magy (NL1) NL1 Posts: 53
    that is a good idea
  • Corvid (GB1)Corvid (GB1) GB1 Posts: 625
    never gonna happen

    archie is an intentional choke point to  'force/encourage' gold use to make the most of when he's there, or gold your current upgrade so you can then use him etc

    everything about him is contrived to maximise the need to use gold if you want to take advantage of his visits (why do you think his visits are seldom and not announced?)

    of course, you do not have to use gold, but you will progress at a much slower pace

    he's big farm's poster child for the only quick way in the game is gold
  • tinus79 (NL1)tinus79 (NL1) NL1 Posts: 53
    has nothing to do with gold  (if it was the architect was there every day)
    im level 419 and stuckt   
    not using  gold if he is there    thats why somewhere unlock about level 250 - 300
    only way to get the rest to upp is wait for the architect
    its fair for the higher players   they already played for a few years then 
    players like me have to wait for weeks to get something to up 
    the funfactor is going down now
  • Corvid (GB1)Corvid (GB1) GB1 Posts: 625
    edited 18.01.2018
    it's everything to do with gold

    if you dont understand that you dont understand how GGS and microtransactions work and no, having him there everyday would not support your theory, players would never have to use gold then, they would just use dollars knowing he is always there if they want him

    its very simple if you think about it

    i wish he was around all the time, as you do, but he never will be for the reasons ive stated
  • tinus79 (NL1)tinus79 (NL1) NL1 Posts: 53
    if the architect was there every day for the lower players they will use lots of gold 
    the first 300 levels it was possible to build the farm every day 
    so to unlock the architect for not everyboby is a good thing
    and let this happen at level 250 - 300 then whan players get stuck and when there insnt anything to up without architect
    everything is full now after 4,5 years en cant do nothing 
    it ruins our gameplay  not comming any higher  just make money every day isnt fun 
    lower levels dont have the money so your theorie is wrong 
    and sure  the game is not made for us but for making money 
    but has noting to do with architect for me    i want to go on  en not wait for architect so long
    take a duck  the costs and the hours to upp last level takes 96 hours 
    lower levels dont make the money to start the high upps and they have lots of work for they get stuck
    i have everything max cant do nothing without architect
    so im not here to discuse how much money GGS makes 
    but i want to play the game with the same fun as the last years 
    and when architect was born  there where no levels 300 400 of 500 or more 
    so at level 419 with everything on max  i know that at level 300 architect has to come much offen then the times he is there now 
    so forget the gold   because ggs isnt getting gold from me now because there inst any buildigproces to speed up for me  
    i never used gold to start architect  only used gold for speeding upp his proces 
    they only can see me play making more and more gamedollars and not using gold at all
    time for GGS to see that archie is there fore some years now 
    so play the game  get stuck at level 300 and you understand how it is to play when you are level 419 
    then you know its not about gold and that GGS is losing lots of gold 
    from the most active players in the game

  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,617
    Um, hello.  Do not like the idea that it's for higher levels only.  I am at level 155, and I also am stuck waiting for Steve. I have the cash, just need Mr. Fixit.
  • Corvid (GB1)Corvid (GB1) GB1 Posts: 625
    edited 19.01.2018
    if the architect was there every day for the lower players they will use lots of gold .....

    im in agreement with what you want, i disagree totally that you think it's nothing to do with gold

    1. "if the architect was there every day for the lower players they will use lots of gold" - absolutely not, if that was the case he WOULD be there everyday, do you think GGS doesn't want more gold spending?

    2. "i have everything max cant do nothing without architect" - that's the very definition of a choke point, it's what GGS wants so players will spend gold to get past it

    3. "ggs isnt getting gold from me" "only used gold for speeding upp his proces" - thankyou, you have made my point for me

    4. "then you know its not about gold and that GGS is losing lots of gold 
    from the most active players in the game" - no they're not, because those players would only use farm dollars to upgrade if he was there all the time, they would not spend gold as there would be no reason to at all

    the very fact you have created a thread about this is evidence enough that archie is indeed a choke point and that's for only one reason - to encourage the use of gold when he does turn up, whether that be to finish the process you're on so you can now use him for 'archie level' buildings or to speed up his process on those buildings so you can get more done when he is here (like i said, they dont tell you when he's coming, he doesn't stay that long and they won't even tell you how long he's going to stay - it's all for a very obvious reason)

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