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Update Dec 13th/14th - New Themed Events and More! - Discussion

You can discuss the latest update here!
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  • Does the remodeling of our Farm Management Tab also include an increase in the cost of purchases from said tab? 

    On the Big Farm video put out 11/18/17 @ 32:08 it mentioned  "rebalancing" the cost of purchasing products to go up 10x current prices.

    Brownie from Oasis
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  • JustMe (US1)JustMe (US1) US1 Posts: 491
    And the two new events for the flower and gourmet farms.   What about all the new players who don't even have those yet?  
    Don't you think this will be similar to those not in a co-op for any even requiring a co-op? and these even could actually be good for non-co-op players who miss out because they really don't like or are tired of bing in a co-op  OFC one has to assume these events will actually run and work ... Hard to think of that happening though
  • smudger8180 (GB1)smudger8180 (GB1) Posts: 34
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    Your going to get worldwide players boycotting this game on social media,cus you all at GGS is screwing up what was once a great game to play.
    GREED!!! is TOP of your LIST...
    All you Mods here need to  tell them whats really going on here.Thats the BIG FARM GAME,before you say otherwise..
    NOT HAPPY :(:(:(:(
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