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Update Nov 30th - Christmas Reloaded!

Hello Big Farmers!

Santa Claus is coming to town!

The preparations are finally over, we worked hard to exterminate several bugs, to optimize and to update the rewards for our Christmas events.

Starting tomorrow night at midnight (30th/1st) CET we have:  The Advent Calendar & The Christmas Preparations Event, then the new revised Snowman Event will be along in a couple of weeks time & of course, Santas Workshop, just in time for Christmas. :)

The Advent Calendar is self-explanatory, but here is a reminder about how the Christmas Preparations Event works - Remember, working with your cooperative will reward all of you even more! :)

The Event

Christmas Preparations is an event consisting of 5 chapters.

  • This year the event works with harvest (phase 1) and donations (phases 2 and 3).

  • Chapters 1-4 follow the same pattern and last for 6 days each.

  • Each Chapter can have 3 phases, depending on the performance of the cooperative.

  • Chapter 5 is a surprise for all cooperatives.

  • Difficulty increases with each stage of the event.

  • For each chapter completed successfully, there will be a small reward (deco).

  • Each cooperative will work together over the course of the event in order to achieve special decoration values for all their members.

  • All decorations will have both farm happiness points (FHP) and village happiness points (VHP).

Chapters 1 - 4: What is there to do?

Phase 1: Individual tasks
  • Each cooperative member gets a task request, tailored to their respective player level.

  • As soon as the first harvest is made towards an order, this order has to be finished 100%. The cooperative will only be eligible for upcoming event steps and associated rewards when every member’s orders are fulfilled completely (100%).

  • Every member can decide for themselves if they would like to contribute to one of the event steps. If they already know that they won't be around for the week, they can skip the respective order. However, this also means that the final reward will not reach its full happiness potential.

  • In order to provide an analysis of the current status of each member's orders, progress is shown in an overview dialog. This overview is visible to every other member.

Phase 2: Guardian Phase (helping others by donating products)
  • If you finish your own task, you can immediately start helping your friends by donating products (required goods may vary and will scale according to donors' player levels)!

Phase 3: Bonus Phase (working together by donating products)
  • If all the members complete their respective tasks, 2 new surprise tasks will appear. After completion, 2 new ones (with slightly higher difficulty) will appear.

  • Cooperative task: the same task for every member, gives +1 Village Happiness point for the Chapter decoration.

  • Individual task: different tasks for each member, give +1 Farm Happiness point for individual players decoration.

5th Chapter: Final Preparations

  • In order to participate in this final chapter, the cooperative needs to get all the previous 4 decorations from chapters 1 to 4.

  • During this chapter, the whole cooperative will have to collect 2 kinds of snowflakes that drop from all farm productions:

    • Blue snowflakes have to be collected by all coop members at the same time and will increase the VHP of the 5th (last) decoration.

    • Cyan snowflakes have to be collected individually and will increase the FHP of each member’s decoration.

Info regarding members who join or leave a cooperative during the event:

  • If a member doesn’t start their task (first harvest), they’re considered inactive. This will change as soon as they harvest a product for the task/chapter.

  • If a cooperative loses or expels a member during phase 1 (harvesting), it will also lose all that member’s progress and inherent VHP and FHP. The member loses all the progress from the current chapter but keeps the decorations from earlier chapters (if they leave after chapter 1).

  • If a new member enters the cooperative during the "Bonus" phase 3, the cooperative will return to  “Guardian” phase 2 and complete the new member’s task. No extra VHP or FHP gained in the bonus quests are lost.


This year the 5 decorations together make up Santas Toy Factory - Each individual deco is 3x4 & the quality & happiness range depending on event participation:

  • Chapter 1 - Elves Workbench
  • Chapter 2 - Sleigh Workshop
  • Chapter 3 - Gift Dispenser
  • Chapter 4 - Gift Bakery
  • Chapter 5 - Wish Catcher

Additional decos in the same set will be available - The Christmas Post Office will appear for sale in an offer & the Post Box & Christmas Throne will be on the deco tab of your build menu.

Cooperative Settings Optimisation

  • Once this update goes live, all cooperatives with an “Open cooperative” status will be switched to “Looking for new members”. This means every new member will have to be confirmed by the leaders or the deputies

  • For the duration of the event, it will not be possible to change the status of your cooperative to “Open Cooperative”

  • Once the event is over and the system disabled, you will be able to switch back to “Open Cooperative”

This was done to avoid issues with Cooperatives being unable to complete certain tasks in the event after a new member joins, thereby preventing them from collecting the final reward. To avoid this, please be aware that adding new members to your co-operative during phase 2 or phase 3 may result in difficulties obtaining rewards.

We hope that you enjoy your Festive events!

You can discuss this update HERE

Have fun!
Your BF Team

PS (From your mods): Sorry guys, we couldn't get a start button added to this event for this year, but we haven`t given up on it!

EDIT1: Each chapter = 6 days, not 4
EDIT2: CET added to event times

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