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Goldfish Rescue Event - (Coop Goldfish Pond)



  • sometimes i don't get presents. post the present and din't give the present. two times. please fix it. I didn't receive my present. wwc event. I couldn't get more than 10 boxes. today goldfish event.
     i was rank 25. i just got fishtank and charm. where is my box?
  • Benicia (AU1)Benicia (AU1) AU1 Posts: 63
    Same here no rewards, not sure of exact placing but somewhere between 1st and 3rd and a lot of money spent on this event, not a happy camper:(
  • same here, i finished #first only get fishing bowl
  • HarmsenFarmer (NL1)HarmsenFarmer (NL1) NL1 Posts: 7
    edited 01.12.2017
    Good to hear that there are other players, together we are stronger. i hope they will solve this soon, because this is very unfair.

  • sdstc (TR1)sdstc (TR1) TR1 Posts: 214
    i forgot what i should won and what i have won  :# place was #13
  • Corvid (GB1)Corvid (GB1) GB1 Posts: 625
    no response on this yet? and there are at least two threads talking about this and it would seem a number of players are owed rewards (going by my coop and the forum)

  • Corvid (GB1)Corvid (GB1) GB1 Posts: 625
    edited 01.12.2017
    bit disappointed no one whatsoever from GGS have bothered to even acknowledge this error (unless there's a thread somewhere on this ive missed, i know of two and havent seen any response at all)

    this may be of help to the developers as well, it appears (judging from members in my coop) that those online when the event ended had no missing rewards, it seems confined to those who logged on after it ended

  • @Daysibird (NL1)
    The same here, I was right behind you in 10th place, had feed timed to about an hour after the end of the event. Didn't receive any prizes either, except for the goldfish bowl.
    Saying that, the points we accumulated should have been more than enough to stay in our places, I think something went wrong with the prizes for a lot of players.
    I did et 2 silver chest but where for i do not know  

    happy farming away and well i did get my WWC  prizes :wink:
  • i was forth in league and no rewards just bowl :( 

    Same here
  • olive76 (INT1)olive76 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 15
    edited 01.12.2017
    Also, Championship Coins were NOT credited to players for the last week of the Worldwide Championship.

    Just to point out some of the bugs that may be overlooked in the midst of a bunch of events.
  • edited 01.12.2017
    Hang in there guys, we are making lists of you all.

    @olive76 (INT1) Final coins should be coming today Are you missing Goldfish rewards & what rank did you get?

    @Psychopath (GB1) @filmster (NL1) @Piwi (US1) What rank did you all finish on? 

    @DoctorX (INT1) Did you finish 4th? 

    Community Guidelines | GGS TOS | How to Clear your Cache |  Click to Contact Support

    "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions!" - Caine

  • Lylu (INT1)Lylu (INT1) INT1 Posts: 448
    @WascallyWabbit - Please add me to the list of those missing Goldfish rewards.  I was rank 11 with an hour to go in the event.  Received the Deco, but not the Reduction booster, Gold (platinum) box, silver boxes, nor Cat charms.

  • I finished 4th
  • olive76 (INT1)olive76 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 15
    I did get all my rewards for Goldfish Rescue.. gold box, reduction time booster and a goldfish bowl. rank: #160.

    Thanks for clarification on the Championship Coins :)
  • I also did not get the rewards for finishing 1st in my league in the goldfish event.
    I had considered the possibility of another blunder  :D So I had been taking screenshots at regular intervals. Alas the last one which I took was from a few days back-

     I later went on to win the 30th reward also and I had a 400,00,000 lead over the runner-up around the end of the event.
    samridh2002 @ in 1
  • @WascallyWabbit

    both championsihp coins for this week and the goldfish rewards are missing
    I finished rank 5 in my league.

    please solve ASAP
  • i also got scammed , i was 2nd place and waiting for 2 days for an reply from customer service.
    send another request for info today, still waiting. >:)>:)>:)
  • Gaddam (AU1)Gaddam (AU1) AU1 Posts: 6
    Same here, finished second or third no prizes

    Gaddam @ au 1
  • Dear Sir, 

    I am playing big farm. and i played Gold fish event and i was on 3rd rank in 100-149lvl. but i didn't get any rewards. and i completed 172000000 point in that event. but i didn't received free range apple orchid. please solve my problem. 


    pawan bansal

  • kaa (AU1) said:

    I started playing Big Farm about 5 weeks ago so I am still learning.

    1.       When the first Hard Worker Event started about 2 weeks ago, there was a challenge on the LHS task bar for starting the event. The reward was 10 X Seaweed feed.  I never received that reward so send in a support ticket with screen captures. The response said that there would be more challenges in the near future to make up for the problems.  –  No reward

    2.       Recently a new event started to collect bees. I worked hard to collect all the bees shortly after the event started. The reward was 20 x Rose Seeds and 5 x Super humus but I received no reward. I have screen captures for this. I cleared the cache and have tried restarting the game.  – No reward

    3.       Also recently, the Goldfish Rescue Event started and I diligently went about working on it. At 6,500,000 points, the hard work reward within the Goldfish rescue event is 2 x fishing rods. These were items I was really looking forward to using. I did not receive them – No reward

    I wonder how many other rewards I have missed out on as I have not kept track of any others. I feel reluctant to send another support ticket in just to get blown off again. Is this something common in the game?  I find it disappointing in what appears to be a great game that this many things don’t work in such a short space of time.

    @kaa (AU1) Sorry to hear you have had problems with some rewards, the game does have some strange quirks & as you have seen with the fishing rods that you mentioned, some things do work but are not always where we expect them to be. The most common reasons why people think that rewards are not credited (unless it is a known bug affecting everyone) are:

    1. When the reward is credited - You will see a lot of pop-up boxes for things you have earned or won & most have a button to click saying "I want this" or "ok", but quite often the reward was paid when it was earned & not when you click that button, which can lead to you thinking that you didn`t get something, when in fact you had it before you even knew you had earned it. Some events (such as the Bees) will credit you as soon as you collect the last bee & others will credit when the event ends, which can also lead to confusion.

    2. Display errors - When you earn things & they get credited, your account on the server records that transaction, however, the display on your screen, may not always show exactly what is on the server, either due to lag in the updating of the display information or some other sort of display error. Whenever you think something has gone missing, the very 1st thing to try is reloading the game direct from the server, to show the most up to date information, To do this, click in the address bar on your farm screen (to highlight the URL) & then click CTRL+F5.  You should also do that if you experiencing  any sort of weirdness in the game or pop-up errors, as it will fix the majority of issues.

    As for support, when you send in your ticket, you should (almost immediately) get an auto-response in your email, with a copy of what you sent. This confirms they received your email & if you don`t have it, check your spam/junk & if its still not there after a few hours, send another ticket, in case the 1st one got lost in transit. Once you have your auto-response, you just wait until they get to your ticket, this can vary in time depending on how busy they are & the type of inquiry you are making. Once you do get a reply from a support person, if you are not satisfied with the response or you think they misunderstood your question or got something wrong, you can reply back & ask for more clarification - You may not always get the resolution you want, but you should know more than "no reward".

    @ Everyone else, as I am sure you realised by now, the activity rewards for the gold fish event, were being credited as soon as you caught your next fish, so hopefully you all got those things that you were missing. If anyone is still missing final ranking rewards from that event, please post on the thread below:

    Goldfish Rescue - Missing Rewards

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    "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions!" - Caine

  • Piwi (US1)Piwi (US1) US1 Posts: 28
    I haven't seen this addressed anywhere's yet. Perhaps I missed it ??? Has there been a compensation arranged for these events and the missing rewards?
    This is a wonderful game... but it sure would be nice to actually receive things that we have worked hard for ,, and spent our gold on to achieve !
  • Corvid (GB1)Corvid (GB1) GB1 Posts: 625
    Coins are coming monday

    you have to contact support for your missing rewards from the fish event

    so yeah, another mess up and you have to do the donkey work, again

  • Piwi (US1)Piwi (US1) US1 Posts: 28
    edited 02.12.2017
    thanks for the info :) can't help but wonder if the WWC trader will still be there when the coins arrive .....
  • Tinzen (SKN1)Tinzen (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 473
    thanks for the info :) can't help but wonder if the WWC trader will still be there when the coins arrive .....
    It should....Read mods info thread
    Tinzen @ skn 1
  • fertile garden is missing from our inventory after the last hotfix. can u please look into this problem. oue coop members who didnt build their fertile garden, was missing frm the inventory.
    2 of our coop members didnt get the viking donkey stable from the 1st christmas wheel of fortune for the ranks 1-5.
    some of our members didnt get the shorter times booster frm gold fish rescue event for being top5 

    please i hope u consider these things n give them back asap

  • Benicia (AU1)Benicia (AU1) AU1 Posts: 63
    Hang in there guys, we are making lists of you all.

    @olive76 (INT1) Final coins should be coming today Are you missing Goldfish rewards & what rank did you get?

    @Psychopath (GB1) @filmster (NL1) @Piwi (US1) What rank did you all finish on? 

    @DoctorX (INT1) Did you finish 4th? 

    I finished 1st or at least I was with 2 hours to go, and WWE coins none of them either
  • @BarbChampion (AU1) The last WWC have not been done yet, they should be credited on Monday. :)

    Community Guidelines | GGS TOS | How to Clear your Cache |  Click to Contact Support

    "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions!" - Caine

  • zeeex (INT1)zeeex (INT1) INT1 Posts: 8
    edited 03.12.2017
    I tipe it on start- I was 4th,i don't have picture',but,i got just fish bowl.
    I have 3 farms(me 2 and wife one),and just on this one i didn't get rewards,and i played for that rewards and wc and fish contest like crazy...I didn't want to be first,coz for me it is better from 2nd to 5th place to be and get one gold box less,but 8 silver boxes more...Uhh...
     I all so  didn't received free range apple orchid and i was long time over 105 mil on that farm,on end over 110 mil if i remember right -it is 3 farms...

    and what now ?
  • PCA (GB1)PCA (GB1) GB1 Posts: 839
    edited 04.12.2017

    I don't even know about the prizes for myself because I was not online much during the past days, but I would like to post on behalf of one more player in our coop who is very upset this event ended up in disaster (this player will probably not be on forum early enough to post here)

    The name is L0cutu5 server GB1, rank 1, received no rewards other than the fish bowl deco

    Post edited by PCA (GB1) on
  • lilind (BG1)lilind (BG1) BG1 Posts: 6
    Any official word on the GoldFish issues here?
    I appreciate your time, game mods, but you are supposed to appreciate your customers as well. 
    If you ignore us a few more times, I am forced to initiate refund on the 100euro spent in the Gold Fish event.
    lilind @ bg 1
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