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Announcement - WWC - Rankings and Coins calculation info

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Hey everyone,

We would like to shed some light on a topic that has created some confusion in the last few hours. Starting from yesterday evening, the weekly coin reward for the WWC was credited to players and the amount received caused some confusion, especially in comparison with the previous edition of the WWC.

Let’s start with good news:

  • The calculation was correct and all the cases we have been checking got exactly the right amount of coins

  • The formula didn’t change compared to the previous edition of the WWC.

So why does it look like you didn’t get enough coins?

As you know, in this new edition we made many changes, including as much of your feedback as possible. One area where you suggested to make some changes was to include all players who participate in the event, not only a small percentage of the most active players. Therefore, in the current server ranking calculation, every player that makes at least one point is included in the average score. Due to your feedback in the survey on the forums that ended today, this calculation will now only include players that make at least 5,000 points per week.

The formula to calculate the coins you earn firstly considers your personal score and  secondly the position of your server in the rankings - this second factor was responsible for the perceived lack of WWC coins as the rankings which were released on Friday last week were not the scores used to calculate the coins received on Wednesday this week. We apologise if this was not clear and are releasing the scores used to calculate this week’s coins at the bottom of this message.

To make it easier to understand, here are some examples of what you should get at certain stages. Please take this with a pinch of salt as the formula is complex and not linear, the more points you get the slower the amount of coins you earn will grow.

10,000 points on #1 server = 832 coins

10,000 points on #5 server = 373 coins

10,000 points on #10 server = 264 coins

10,000 points on #20 server = 187 coins

100,000 points on #1 server = 2631 coins

100,000 points on #5 server = 1177 coins

100,000 points on #10 server = 832 coins

100,000 points on #20 server = 589 coins

Or vice versa:

500 coins = 3612 points on #1 server

500 coins = 18062 points on #5 server

500 coins = 36125 points on #10 server

500 coins = 72250 points on #20 server

Lastly, you can take a look at the latest scores in the below table. These rankings represent the scores on Wednesday, November 8th, before the coins were provided to players.

For technical complications, the in-game message with the ranking results can't be sent at the moment and until this problem is solved you can expect to be updated on the server rankings here on the forums

NOTE: The above scores do not include the minimum 5,000 point per week value voted for. As the vote ended after the WWC coins were given out this new calculation will be applied for next week.

Your BF Team!

EDIT: Image changed as a couple of servers were missing from original one posted.
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