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Update Oct 19th - Cooperative Hard Worker Event! - Discussion



  • Morgane (US1)Morgane (US1) US1 Posts: 83
    It's going to take me a while to come up with all the cuss words I'm going to add to my actual complaint message...
    Tons of resources (weed, humus, gold) and effort down the tubes once again...I was set for the next 16 + hrs of run time all lined up with my products, at a brisk pace with 5 bonus pts as well...all gone with the push of a button from some nit-wit at GGS...
    You folks REALLY need to get your head out of your a$$es over there. I think it's time to send out a notice to the co-op that we are now in a gold spending ban until further notice. Any members caught spending gold will be removed.
  • paultje1975 (US1)paultje1975 (US1) US1 Posts: 163

    ok downtime can happen but why again al items of the HWE are changed.

    I used 6 superseeds cabage and seeweed humus to get  high points on cabage  and had 4 hours left

    when downtime was over the cabage was gone and a complete different lineup was there

  • archerbob (AU1)archerbob (AU1) AU1 Posts: 531
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) US1 Posts: 6,617
    edited 14.11.2017
    Or, we all could remember this when the next big event rolls around and join the ranks of those who don't participate because of impossible prizes and the 99.9% certainty something will go wrong and players will lose out.  Just a thought.
  • bdreish (GB1)bdreish (GB1) GB1 Posts: 1,341
    Like many others I was also doing well with cabbages running at level 6 with over 2 hours left.  I popped to the shop and was back in less than an hour, only to find that my cabbages had now changed to rutabaga.  NOT happy, had planted sp cabbages to harvest with my seaweed when I came home.   
  • I saw this from the mods:

    We apologise for the downtime this evening (November 14th). The downtime affected all of our web based games, but luckily our team was able to react and bring the servers up again. We are aware that this has affected the Co-op Hard Work Event (CHWE) currently running. Unfortunately it is not possible to repair the issues caused to the CHWE immediately, unexpected downtimes can cause issues in events due to the lost connection to the server. But we will be looking into the issues caused and resolutions to the problems, and will inform you as soon as more information becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

    Your CM Team
  • 24KSan (US1)24KSan (US1) US1 Posts: 95
    We have all these professionals at ggs  that get paid the big bucks who continually  have a problem with getting it right.

    It has become a joke among us players,...when we see a hot fix we have to wonder what else you  at ggs are going to screw up.

    This is the second time with this coop HWE that you have screwed everyone up with your hot fix.  You took gold from those that were hoping to advance and then changed the line up with your hot fix.

    Nice going,,,, and since I'm on a rant....  most of the land purchases are beyond some peoples reach, the upgrades are nuts and yet we remain loyal...it's not because of you GGS, it's because of the friends we have made here...but I think you  all know that.

    Shame on you for taking advantage of our loyalty to our friends and think that your cavalier approach to this game  is acceptable... it wouldn't hurt if you all got your heads out of your  a**es and behave like the professionals you claim to be and by the way, don't add content that you can't support...

    I don't have to have a degree in business to know what I am talking about, so what's your excuse?

    That's it me done...glad I could vent...lol
  • Corvid (GB1)Corvid (GB1) GB1 Posts: 625
    edited 15.11.2017
    patience my ***

    you clowns do it over and over, you're useless
    Post edited by CuddlyFoxes (FormerMod) on
  • Hi Everyone,

    As we said in the Mod Bulletins, this was not a BF incident, it affected the servers for all the games, please see the official announcement for latest news from the team.

    We probably won`t get any further updates until tomorrow, sorry :(

  • GGS should be aware that CHWE rankings are now broken. Also the "cat charm compensation" is broken. I am forced to reboot whenever that window pops up. Third, we should receive actual, applicable compensation in the form of dozens of special seeds, 1000 gold, an extended end time for CHWE, and 150 purple fertilizers each for stables, fields, and orchards.
  • 24-KL0V3R (US1)24-KL0V3R (US1) US1 Posts: 2,464
    edited 01.02.2023
    no comment
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  • Shay1968 (US1)Shay1968 (US1) Posts: 1,324
    I do NOT want apologies from GGS ... I don't want lame excuses either .... I want my resources back!
  • vesna1 (INT1)vesna1 (INT1) INT1 Posts: 33
    just don't log out,like me,i can't enter now in :(
  • didah (SKN1)didah (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 1,246
    It gotta stop now..!!

    STOP wasting my time & STOP wasting my money !

    If there wasn't the 'coop-thing', where people becomes attached to a certain extend- , most players would fly your game, and your servers - last to go would be the highest ranked, but once there's no fish in the pool - they'll quit aswell.

    Poor ethics - poor tactics - I puke..

  • Also, something else is broken. A teammate and I came back at the same time. Both were given rutabagas. Both planted regular rutabagas on rocky fields. Neither fertilized.

    His rutabagas are level 1 for 10 hours.
    My rutabagas are at level 2 for 9 minutes.
  • Shay1968 (US1)Shay1968 (US1) Posts: 1,324
    edited 15.11.2017
    patience my ***

    you clowns do it over and over, you're useless
    I can not agree more.  Patience???  I have been VERY patient .... I am STILL waiting for compensation for the last CHWE ... and NOTHING, absolutely nothing.  Wabbit said we got prizes through to the end of the event.  I got nothing except booted last time. 
    Post edited by CuddlyFoxes (FormerMod) on
  • NormaHelen (US1)NormaHelen (US1) US1 Posts: 262
    If you get a field crop you don't want, you don't have to skip it with gold.

    Pick the field of lowest value & plant a single regular seed, no humus. The amount of time it runs for is very short. Wildflowers don't even last a minute.

    If you have a little time to plan, plant a single field with a crop with a slightly longer grow time & add a side crop. Then when you plant the crop you need, it will produce even less resulting in an even shorter run time.
  • Bug Farm rules again. Big Fraud messed up and now it's time for compensation, compensation, compensation...... These are the demands: 100 seaweed humus, 1000 seaweed fertilizer 1000 seaweed food, and at least 3 gold mining permits.... And better make it quick!!!!!!
    Yes, all that (1000s of seaweed fert/humus/feed, 3 GMLs) plus the big prizes (apiary, cooperative orchards and dandy ducks, etc.) 
    Or preferable something you can not earn or buy normally, like a friendship meadow (or what the english name is for the small field on the flower farm, which can be upgraded with dollars).

  • Sukiyaki (US1)Sukiyaki (US1) US1 Posts: 555
    I don't believe they ever compensated for last time, so don't expect it this time. GGS expects you all to eat their mistake, and throw more gold to try to get back to where you were.
  • Just a note about what happened on my farm...

    I had just started eggs (not very many) before the Hot Fix and then rutabagas then corn were in the lineup.  

    AFTER the Hot Fix...Lettuce was sitting where the eggs had been and then rutabagas and corn had switched places.  and the timer was still running but no points showed being added.  but when I opened silo again...the score had changed!  so I took a chance and collected a few more chickens before the timer ran out.  and each time I opened the silo the score had been changing.

    now here is the most interesting part....when the timer ran down to 0...the Lettuce MOVED OFF the conveyor belt!!  so maybe it was 'pretending to be' eggs?  hehe

    and I did not try to 'restart' the HWE task.

    so maybe a word of caution that the item sitting at the end of the conveyor belt might move off if you had the silo running before the Hot Fix and is now just counting down.  I can't say for sure...but that is what happened to me.
  • IceeMimi (US1)IceeMimi (US1) US1 Posts: 137
    edited 14.11.2017
    They took me for gold last time they did this change/update on the HWE
    I refuse to pay out to get back on track this time.
    It can just sit there.
    In the past, the gold certs were at 1,200,000 points,
    now they are at 4,600,000 points so for me, there is no way
    will not spend my gold, did it last time (460 coins) after I had jasmine working and then they brought it back and
    it had Jasmine and not working.
    Already had lavendar working for the next item so no way I could undo without paying gold
    not falling for that same scam again.
    This time, had cabbage working had cabbage planted and waiting
    now have apples in the window with a 2 hour 45 minute wait for my apples to grow,
    or I can buy my way out (100coins) for corn once I clear my cabbage fields.
    But it is not the cost of the coins as much as the principle of this happening.
    No, not falling for the spending my gold to buy my way out of something I should not have to buy my way out of.
    Will no longer play the HWE unless it is the fish one, or until they mess that one up as well.
  • We've been robbed!  An act of FRAUD
  • Mac56 (GB1)Mac56 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 353
    They have maybe fixed the coop rankings but now the individual rankings are not working - can GGS get anything right!!!!!
  • Mercy me, another screw up on coop HW. My wheat is still counting, but can't see what my lvl is, I get the same error log as posted in above comments. Someone said don't log out, not a viable suggestion, as many players were already logged out before the almighty hotfix.
  • @WascallyWabbit
    the CHWE rankings aren't showing either (error msg)  ...  Idk how you say that's not a BGS bug/error.....
  • They have maybe fixed the coop rankings but now the individual rankings are not working - can GGS get anything right!!!!!

    Doesn't seem like it!!
  • 24-KL0V3R (US1)24-KL0V3R (US1) US1 Posts: 2,464
    edited 01.02.2023
    no comment
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  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 844
    All of the sudden, approx shortly before right now, the Hard Worker event restarted at SKN1. It was working fine until then. This happened once before and ruined the whole event. With just 1 day left ... why? Was there a warning that it would happen?

    Cheers :( 
  • Tinzen (SKN1)Tinzen (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 473
    I have someone in coop, who cant restart the CHWE again - what do to?
  • Tiedemann (SKN1)Tiedemann (SKN1) SKN1 Posts: 19
    edited 15.11.2017
    I´m nr 25 in the hard work event and I expect to get my gold sertificate to mine 4000 gold. Like the rest of you I have worked hard and it´s nonsence to work like this around the clock and then get the ***** compensations they normally give when something goes wrong. Also they have removed the two gold sertificates from the 1200000 point price and put some catcandy or something there instead. In my level range half of the people that used to be in the challenge has just stopped being in it because now we have to get 4 600 000 to get those two mining permits which is close to impossible at my level.
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