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September 8th - Hot Fix - Free Range Cowshed Appearance Fiasco

@WascallyWabbit @CuddlyFoxes

I realize this post should have gone under an Announcement post in the Top Section, but seeing as none was made, it couldn't be done.  Otherwise, I could have quoted the items supplied.

On the September 8th - Hot Fix Announcement we are told:

  • The ‘Free Range Pigsty’ appearance will be added to the Co-Operative Championship as an additional Top 1 reward in the Silver League. It will also be added as an additional activity reward for 90 million points.
  • In the Gold League the ‘Free Range Cow Barn’ skin will added as an additional choosable reward for the top 5 cooperatives.


Today we get Cuddly's post stating that an error was noticed in the patch notes for this update, instead of a Free Range Cowshed users received a Free Range Cute Cowshed, which is exclusively for themed cowsheds. The Community Management team would like to apologize for this error and remind players to check the description on skin rewards to ensure they will be usable on the building you expect.


So my cooperative chooses to play in the Gold League Hard Mode, receiving only 80% of the RP's we earn.  We work extremely hard and finish in 4th place, woohoo!  As each individual player selects the top prizes they've earned, why on earth would a person stop and think, hmmm, wonder if they've changed this appearance to be one that will only work with the themed cowsheds?  The above mentioned post supplied us with the pictures and write up, folks worked hard to get it, and then to find that there's an ERROR?  Community Managers apologize?  Need to check the description?  Oh please, this needs to be corrected, these folks need to be given the appearance they earned, and future announcements need to have correct information.  Sorry to say it, but it feels like another bait and switch.  This should be easily correctable. 

Note:  No fault goes to Wascally for supplying the information that was given.  No fault goes to Cuddy for supplying the lame excuse they were given to tell us.  Bottom line is that an ERROR was made.  To fix it, supply the correct cowshed appearance that was SUPPOSED to be available.  Plain and simple.  

Many thanks to farmerjohn 22 for this creation  :)


  • CyberJohn (RO1)CyberJohn (RO1) RO1 Posts: 629
    edited 13.09.2017
    Myself included because i chose that skin and when i wanted to use it............................!?!?! :/:/

  • @KarenKay (US1) @CyberJohn (RO1)  As you know there was an error on the patch-notes, showing the wrong name for the appearance, but on the actual panel where you choose the reward, it did give the correct name & the info did say that the appearance was for the themed cowshed, so the responses we have seen from support, so far, appear to be focusing on the 2nd point & advising people to read the info more carefully.

    However, I can understand that if you have already been told what the reward is, you may not click that info button or know that the word "cute" in the name refers to the smaller version of the cowshed. So all I can suggest is that you also contact support & maybe if they get enough complaints they will reconsider their position.

    Community Guidelines | GGS TOS | How to Clear your Cache |  Click to Contact Support

    "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions!" - Caine

  • Damaria3 (US1)Damaria3 (US1) US1 Posts: 1,737
    Well I don't know how they can just fix it if the players don't have a special cow shed and here again WHY would someone want to  cover up a special cow shed with something else  that makes no sense what so ever. So they tell you one thing which is totally untrue then  blame the customers what business do you know runs their company like this?  Those people should be allowed to pick something else it is that simple, or should be but knowing GGS  probably not  so sorry for those who got caught in the bait and switch game which is now becoming the norm here at GGS. 
  • Corvid (GB1)Corvid (GB1) GB1 Posts: 625
    any update on this - seeing as we've had another CC since and one coming very soon again

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