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Sept 8th - Hotfix

Hi Big Farmers,

A hotfix is planned for today between 14:00 - 16:00 CEST & the CC will now start at 16:00 CEST

This hotfix will include:

  • Compensation for the reset of Shinkei Suijaku rankings on September 6th for the German, Italian, Japanese and International servers - affected players on these servers will receive all spent Fuku Tsuho coins for this run of the event
  • Free Range Appearances: This hotfix also includes some all new ‘free-range’ appearances for your farm! These appearances are usable on the main farm only but will give your farm a great and natural look. These skins remove buildings and fences so that your animals can play outside in their fields. Take a look below for some examples of how this might look on your farm!

  • The ‘Free Range Pigsty’ appearance will be added to the Co-Operative Championship as an additional Top 1 reward in the Silver League. It will also be added as an additional activity reward for 90 million points. [EDIT]
  • In the Gold League the ‘Free Range Cow Barn’ skin will added as an additional choosable reward for the top 5 players cooperatives [EDIT]
  • Please note! The 'Free Range Simple House', 'Free Range Fancy House', 'Free Range Barn' and 'Free Range Spacious Barn' appearances currently have a description that states they are only usable on either the dollar OR gold variations of these buildings but they are in fact usable on both versions. The descriptions will be fixed in a future update
  • You can now choose to show or hide fishing reports after collecting from Deep Sea boats. This is chosen from the main options
  • You can now use the mouse wheel to move between floors of the Decoration Tower
We have not forgotten the Deep Sea optimisations that were promised and these are still planned. Due to the upcoming Oktoberfest we have had to dedicate resources to creating this event and so it has not been possible to put in further changes to fishing for now, but they are in the pipeline and are currently planned for an update after Oktoberfest.

The reason this time was selected for the hotfix and the Co-operative Championship delayed until 16:00 CEST is due to recent issues during updates with the rankings of Shinkei Suijaku. To avoid further issues across servers with this event and the update it was decided to wait until the event has ended to ensure your rankings and rewards are retained. We apologise for the change in schedule but it is necessary to limit other issues.

Thanks and have fun!
Your BF Team

[EDIT] Top 5 cooperatives not top 5 players
[EDIT]  Additional free range pigsty will be activity reward for 90 million points (not for silver league activity reward)
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