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Update August 16th - "Deep Sea Changes"

Hi everyone!

It's time for a new update so let's take a dive into what's in-store!

Deep Sea Adjustments

All you budding captains have enjoyed the Deep Sea fishing feature so far, with a plethora of different fish to catch and a variety of fine vessels to sail on.

Since the conception of this feature the intention was to include a market dedicated to the crustacea and marine life of the Big Farm world that would allow you to exchange your deep sea fishing products for fantastic and rare items.

The creation of the market took longer than expected, in the meantime you have had the chance to farm the seven seas and get more dollars for your farm. Even though a solid game experience for all our players is our main goal, this possibility appeared to be making your game progression too fast, thus damaging the rewarding feeling we expected, that always depends on a certain level of challenge.

As you all know, it’s important for a complex game like Big Farm to have a balanced economy, progression and challenge to match the overall gameplay and the direct selling of deep sea fishing products would cause harm to this balance in the long run, and thus these changes are necessary. It was a great bonus for a while to get these extra dollars and many of you have put it to good use, upgrading parts of your farms and expanding them but this also took much of the challenge away from this process and in the long term this can become stagnant. The adjustments described will aid in re-balancing the situation and we feel that it is better to implement those changes now, instead of being forced to change them after a couple of months when the issue is more pronounced. 

Deep Sea Market

The Deep Sea market will work in a similar way to the Organic Markets and will be available in the Deep Sea Fishing Region and the dock on the Flower Farm.

  • In the Deep Sea market you will find contracts requesting Deep Sea fish and chum. and the 4 products from the Mermaid Bay made from Deep Sea fish
  • These contracts will work similarly to the contracts of the Organic Markets - fulfill the contract requirements to obtain the reward
  • The rewards for completing these contracts could be dollars, farm products or other farm items and collectibles, but all contracts will at least feature non-dollar farm items. Additionally, some contracts may reward you with rare items such as Wheel of Fortune coins, Shinkei Suijaku tokens and Mystery Boxes to name a few
  • The possibility to directly sell chum and Deep Sea fish will be removed
  • You can still sell normal fish and the Mermaid Bay’s products like before

Additional Deep Sea Fishing and Oleg changes

  • Fishing equipment from the fishing supply store will now be displayed so that dollar and gold variations of items are placed together on the same page
  • The boat travelling times in the Deep Sea Fishing Region will be increased.
  • A delete button was added to Deep Sea fishing equipment
  • An equipment button has been added to the deployment window, to allow you to go directly to equip your selected boat.

Horse Season V - Western

Mosey on down pardners! This exciting new season’s theme was chosen by you, the community and we are happy to present all you budding ranchers with some great Western themed items for your farms:
  • This season is set to start on the 17th of August after 14:00 CEST
  • A new decoration will be awarded with the stats dependent on the league:
    • Diamond No.1 Player - 25 VHP, 70 HP, quality 8
    • Diamond League - 20 VHP, 65 HP, quality 7
    • Platinum League - 10 VHP, 55 HP, quality 6

 Decoration: Ranch Bales (size: 4x4)
 Western Pond Appearance (Duck Coop)


Other Changes

  • The dog house skins are now available to be chosen on the dog houses of every farm.
  •  The Happy Hour weekend booster should now also be selectable on Sunday (if you didn't do it on Saturday)
  • Users will no longer need to input an email address to register a new account
  • The email verification will now only be required to receive the welcome gift after the tutorial

Bugfix List

  • Fixed an issue that specific decorations were misplaced in the landscape architect.
  • Fixed a display issue of the grid in the inventory or dropbox state.
  • Decorations are now correctly aligned in the trash dialogue.
  • Added help button in the edge plants dialogue for gardens and meadows.
  • The product info tab should now correctly display village dollars as the cost for edge plants.
  • Visits from the world map should once again be possible.
  • Barnacle’s Big booster from the reward shop in the coop village is now working and crediting horseshoes when filling a product.
  • Prof James should now only be displayed if the player has a handbook that can actually be upgraded by him.
  • The drop down menu for languages in the login page now closes correctly after clicking on the background.
  • Ranking numbers in the challenge started dialogue of the village league are now displayed correctly.
  • Boats should be displayed at the correct pool now when they are sent out again directly after arriving.
  • The harvest timers should now correctly show the boat with the shortest remaining time.
  • The harvest timers should now preview the correct amount of goods even if the harvest is boosted.
  • Fixed multiple issues with happy hour boosters.
  • The happy hour timer shows now a dash during the weekend.
  • Some Happy Hour boosters should no longer be displayed on the wrong farm.
  • The storage for cooperative goods should no longer reset back to 3000 after upgrading the warehouse.
  • The help button in the cooperative horse meadow should now correctly open the help dialogue

Update is currently planned to happen between 10:00-13:00 CEST

You can discuss the update HERE

Have fun!
Your BF Team

EDIT: Contracts will not contain Mermaid Bay dishes

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