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Update June 23rd - Shinkei Suijaku

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Hello Big Farmers,

This week we will bring you all details of a new event, inspired by a very old traditional Japanese memory game: Shinkei Suijaku! Continue reading to learn all about it! :)

Shinkei Suijaku Event

General Information:

When the event is active there will be a new building in the event area: Shinkei-Suijaki School (visible on all of your farms, horse ranch & coop village) & an introduction task in your task bar.

  • The basic idea is to get as many matching pairs of cards as possible, to get  rewards.

  • You need to be at least level 5 and have a minimum of 10 Fuku Tsuho tokens in order to play the game.

  • The first tokens will be given out as a reward for the introduction task.

  • There will be a user ranking for the event.

  • Extra event tokens can be purchased with gold or won as future event rewards & saved up.


  • The Master  will introduce you to the game and show you the possible rewards that you can get,  for the minimum 10 tokens - Or you can move the slider (from 1-7) to choose better rewards, for up to 70 tokens.& more ranking points.

  • The game has two lessons - The second lesson has better rewards.

  • There will be 12 pairs of matching cards per lesson.

  • You need to match 7 pairs to complete lesson 1 and move on to lesson 2 - You then need to match 8 pairs in lesson 2 to complete it.

  • Each matching pair will grant you a reward and ranking points.

  • Each time you pick a non-matching pair of cards, one random pair will be removed from the board.

  • If you match less than 7 pairs (or less than 8 for the lesson 2) you can buy an Extra Chance with Fuku Tshuho tokens (For example: If you have 1 match, you will need to get 6 pairs in the extra chance, which you can keep repeating). Each matching pair from the extra chance will grant you ranking points, but no reward.

  • You can play extra chances until you get all the matching pairs that you need.

  • Once you get the 8th matching pair of cards in the 2nd lesson, you’ll get also the final game reward.

  • In the final screen, you will see all the rewards that you won, the ones you missed and your total ranking points. You will also be offered the chance to buy the rewards that you missed - Each reward has a range of possible quantities that you "could" win, when you match that  pair of cards, but when you buy the missed rewards, you will always get the maximum quantity in the range and you can also double the ranking points that you won in your 2 lessons..

  • Also in this screen you’ll be able to close the event or start a new game - If you have enough tokens your new game will start immediately, if not, you will be directed to the token shop.

  • As soon as you close the event screen, all your rewards will go to your farm.

  • If you don’t finish the 2 lessons, you still get to keep the items that you won,  but you only get the consolation reward if you fail really badly.

  • The ranking rewards will have the same mechanics as the Wheel of Fortune.



 The Master is planning to make his first visit to your farms next week!

Until then, you can discuss his new event HERE

Have fun!

Your BF Team

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