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Is there some way to change the Arrival times of the Jetty boat ?

Previous to this last update we were getting our boat in at 6 AM  and 6 PM  Eastern Time..  now it comes in at 12 Noon and 12 midnight..  this is difficult at best.   We are forced to stay up til after MN  or wake up before 6 am to harvest and fill the Captains requests and repair his boat.  

IS there any thing that can be done to change these times back to  the  6 a  and 6 p time frame for boat arrival so everyone has opportunity to work at this on a better schedule for USA1.   


  • Southern (US1)Southern (US1) US1 Posts: 3,268
    In a nutshell, no.

    You can delay his arrival time by not repairing the hull, but he will always depart at the same time; 6AM CST, 6PM CST; so instead of having a 6-hour window to repair the boat and collect your rewards, you could have as little as a 3-hour window.

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  • Uncle John (GB1)Uncle John (GB1) GB1 Posts: 8,500
    For events that last 24 hrs (or multiples there of) running them on CE time is not really a problem, after 24 hrs everybody in the world will have slept through the same amount of it.
    For events that last less than 24 hrs, like Yarnacle and the Architect, it is always a major problem for some part of the world. Events such as these really need to run on local time varying with the server.
    Would it be possible to comunicate this to the devs @WascallyWabbit  ? A general piece of code is required that could then be utilised by any further similar events.

  • shazamd (US1)shazamd (US1) US1 Posts: 751
    AMEN.  I's sleepy.

  • I Recommend changing it to something like 22 h cycle this way every few days everyone will have it appear at a reasonable time  

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