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“Clay Jars” (US1)

HappyEd1 (US1)HappyEd1 (US1) Posts: 36US1
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We are   “Clay Jars”

      We are a growing coop, looking for farmers online 4 or more times per week; willing to contribute to events, challenges, projects & research (no gold required). 

     We are a Christian coop & we care, share, help accordingly. Perhaps with us you can find the fun, fellowship, help,spirit of cooperation & companionship that you are looking for.

     If this might be the kind of place for you- please apply to “Clay Jars” coop.

     Questions or for more Information- Please contact HipViolette or HappyEd1.

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 We love to help others!!
                                                   For Info or to schedule a Visit- message us in game 

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