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Update May 24th - Dockyard, Deep Sea Fishing & More!

Hi everyone,

We have had a small break from content updates in the last few weeks to fix some issues and can now bring lots of new content to Big Farm for you to enjoy and explore! In the next update, we will bring you something new and exciting 

The Dockyard and Deep Sea Fishing!

Continue reading to find out all about them:

General Information

  • As soon as you have complete all of the fishing tasks on your farms, you will get a task and a new ship will dock right next to Oleg on your Flower Farm!

  • After this step, a new deep sea fishing area will be available to explore!


  • From the dockyard you’ll be able to buy / upgrade boats and produce Chum.

  • Upgrading the dockyard allows you to buy more and better boats.

  • Some boats are only accessible once you upgrade your dockyard to a certain level.


  • Buying and upgrading a boat takes some time (this can be skipped from the boat itself).

  • Once you buy a boat, you’ll have the option to upgrade, equip, demolish and rename.

  • You can own up to 14 boats

  • Different boats have different numbers of slots (the better the boat more slots you have)

  • All boats can fish all types of fish by default.

  • You can name each of your boats - first time is always free.

  • Upgrading a boat will increase:

    • Fishing time

    • Fish caught per hour

    • Capacity

    • Travel time saved

  • Types of boats:

    •  Motorboat

    •  Runabout

    •  Norfolk Wherry

    •  Skipjack

    •  Trawler


  • Each boat has up to 12 slots for fishing equipment & crew, depending on the type of boat & its level.

    •  Equipment/Crew - Purchased equipment & hired crew available to drag to slots

    •  Travel speed - Hire crew who can reduce the time that your boat spends travelling

    •  Capacity - Purchase additional storage for your catch

    •  Fish caught per hour - Hire crew who can catch more fish per hour

    •  Specific fish equipment - You will need the correct one of these items to catch each type of fish

    •  Fishing time - Hire crew who can increase your fishing time

    •  Protection - Purchase items to protect you from dangers at different fishing locations

    •  Chum - Produce chum in your dockyard to help you catch fish faster

  • Some equipment requires specific levels. If you haven’t reached them yet, you can buy the equipment using gold.

  • Item efficiency: all items are only 100% efficient when equipped to specific boats and boat levels. If you equip them on the wrong boat, the item will get a performance penalty, which will be indicated by red text.


  • The fishing locations are spread around the sea and each location will have different types of fish.

  • The fishing trip is divided into 3 steps: traveling to the location; fishing; returning to the dockyard.

  • There are 8 different distances from the dockyard, with different travel times.

  • Each type of fish requires 1 specific equipment item (for example, to catch Oysters, you need a Rake).

  • Several dangers can affect your fishing journey and you can lose part of your cargo:

    • Storm, Sharks, Whirlwind, Iceberg and Octopuses.

    • You can protect your boat against these dangers with protection equipment.

  • In each location, there’s a limited amount of fish you can catch - When all the fish are caught from one location, it will vanish & spawn a new fishing location.

  • Clicking on a location & selecting "Go fishing" will bring up a deployment window showing::

    • % chance of dangers at that location.

    • Standard travel time to that location

    • Types & number of fish there

    • Boats already equipped to deploy to that location (or click on the + icon to equip a boat to deploy)

  • More than one boat can be out fishing at the same time & up to 4 at the same location.
  • The fishing locations have a lifetime of 24 hours. When the 24h are over, it will vanish and spawn a new fishing location. If a boat is fishing during the reset, the fishing location will vanish as soon as no boat is at this location anymore

Producing Chum

  • Producing chum, in your Dockyard, helps to catch fish faster & you will be able to produce different types of chum for different purposes.

  • To produce chum, you need to use some of the fish that you catch (Oyster, Clams, Shrimp, Herring, Tuna, Lobster, Salmon, Cod, Swordfish).

  • The chum will give you a "Catching speed bonus" increasing the amount of fish that you catch per hour.

  • There are 2 types of chum:

    • Normal chum for all the fish: 10% bonus.

    • Specialized chum for specific types of fish: 15 - 25% bonus.

  • Hovering your cursor over the bonus icon will show you which types of fish your chum will affect.

Job Center (coming soon!!!)

This upcoming cooperative village building, the last element of the Growing and Mining production cycle, will address the edge plants and their respective penalties. We’ve been working hard to get it ready and bring it to our live servers as soon as possible! Stay curious! :)

Summer Weekend Special Festivities

From the 24th to the 28th (Wednesday to Sunday) you’ll get the opportunity enjoy: Ice Cream Carts; Tourists; Horse Trainers; Fireworks; Racing Farmer. For more information, you can check these previous Official Announcements

The Summer Weekend Festival starts!

Summer Weekend Activities II

Captain Yarnacle's Schedule

With this update, Yarnacle will leave the shore at 01:00 and 13:00 CEST. Depending on the damage of his boat, he can be back at around noon and in the evening. We know this is not yet perfect for a some time-zones but this is something we need some more time to improve.

Note: This change means that, depending on the time of the update, and because the time change applies instantly, Yarnacle will be gone if he was there before or will be there if he wasn’t there before.

Deep Sea Fishing Themed - Hard Work Event

With this Update we will implement a new version of this event with activity rewards and requirements connected to the new Deep Sea Fishing content! This HWE will run from Weds, May 24th 23:59pm to Sun, May 28th 23:59pm CEST

Other Changes/Fixes

- Yarnacle's personal box should no longer sometimes show a locked graphic when it is really unlocked.
- Yarnacle's personal box is no longer lost when the boat leaves without it being collected.
- Clicking the Ship in the harvest timer display will now correctly lead to the ship.
- The harvest timer for the coop village should now work better.
- The boost from the Amphibian farm machine should now correctly show up in tooltips.
- Performance while using the outline mode has been improved.
- The donate buttons in the Cooperative Championship should be usable once again.
- The buy dialogs for the gourmet and flower farm should now display the correct information before reaching the unlock level.
- Players can now have up to 100 shelved missions (up from 32).
- Decorations should no longer accidentally give negative village happiness.
- Break costs should now only be deducted if there was no donation in the last 24 hours.

Enjoy discussing this update HERE

Have Fun!
Your Big Farm Team

EDIT: 25.05.17
- Max number of equipment slots is 12 not 8
- Additions to "Boats" & "Fishing" shown in bold italics
- To catch Lobsters you need cages  Oysters you need a rake
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