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Village League

We won 37 or so challenges last week- 1st in many item achievements- 1 player got 60,000 village dollars, I got nothing- we never received a window with our medals and the opportunity to spend them!!!!   Now Japanese Golden Week, fireworks 9 pm -9 am here- those who go to bed at 9, get up go to work/school, they get none. There goes any chance of us getting any top prizes. Does anyone take time to think things out over there???? Are you listening???? The more you seem to add, the more bugs, the more unfair the game seems to get. If not for my freinds on here , I would be long gone!!
   I am HappyEd1  and we are Clay Jars

 We love to help others!!
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  • I am the other player Ed mentioned. I actually assumed that I had 60,000 village dollars because the forum said medals would be converted to 5 village dollars each. I lost track of my balance, so I am not sure that I have them. After spending over a million village dollars this week, I am not impressed with the reward. I never had the opportunity to spend the medals at the end like was supposed to happen. I have no desire to play any more league challenges at this point.

    And I would have liked the new Japanese event if it hadn't been for the huge disadvantage I would have, since I shut down my computer at night at the same time the fireworks start.
  • FarmerCli (US1)FarmerCli (US1) Posts: 1,872US1
    This is for you, developers:  (I know this has been mentioned before...but maybe you will hear this time).  I truly believe that more coops will be involved with the Village League Challenges/Counter-Challenges if it were not just a mere variation of the CC.  I feel the items for this should be Village related, i.e. edge plants, edge plant bi-products, and items and food that the Jetty wants or even for the Horse Meadow.  This would make it more interesting.  Please, please consider this. I know this might reduce our variety of items...but we can live with this...How hard would it be?  I realize that some coops may not have factories leveled to produce what another coop can.  This can be rectified since the system already knows this so that should that happen, the amount for the coop unable to manufacture something required like glass would be zero, and the coop with the capability to manufacture glass would have a numbered amount to produce.  It might look like this:
    Coop A (not capable of manufacturing glass in the factories):  Oak (500)   Cookies (250)   Glass (0)                                                                                                                        Poplar (1000)  Nails (5555)

    Coop B (Capable of manufacturing glass in the factories)        Oak (550)   Cookies (400)  Glass (150)
                                                                                                       Poplar (2000)  Nails (1250)                                              
    There would still be options to trade out items for another (i.e. the Challenger could opt to produce Willow instead of Oak, or something for the Horse Meadow.
        Original acrylic painting by FarmerCli

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