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Petition: No More Updates



  • Andrew56 (AU1)Andrew56 (AU1) Posts: 878AU1

    Why no content such as events after all bugs and balancing issues are resolved?
    @dchen1 (US1) I don't mean new events, or such stuff as that.  :)   ;)   B)

    Small changes, additions and makeovers are fine. Some new events would be GREAT. My favourite events are HWE, the NEW St Patricks event & the NEW Japanese Golden Week. So, recently they have been coming up with some really good new events. Certainly keep them coming.

    In my above post I was meaning whole new concepts (which they seem to keep making, adding & expending) like the Village League, Fishing addition/extension, etc.

    PS. @dchen1 (US1), if you want to keep discussing this, which I am more than happy to do; maybe we should start a (or find an existing) new thread, as we have gone very off topic, to what the original posts were.   ;)


    Can GGS be trusted?   -They have been doing much better of late, but still no gold lock!  Which was promised for us last year.

  • Rusty Farmer (AU1)Rusty Farmer (AU1) Posts: 1,557AU1
    edited 25.05.2017
    You can't use the new boats until you have completed the previous fishing tasks. As I recall, I think you have to be at least Fishing level 25 to do that, so you may have to forgo the fishing HWE this time. There's still the regular ones you can participate in until that's sorted.
  • dchen1 (US1)dchen1 (US1) Posts: 993US1
    Got compensation with 54:50:50 of each booster: Field, garden, meadow, mill, animals, orchards, and twice the experience points.  
  • Kimmiecat (NL1)Kimmiecat (NL1) Posts: 800NL1
    I sign this petition, but seeing the small numbers of people reacting, I have little faith in its effect. But not signing is the worst to do.

    [email protected]   /   Member of the Dutch coop "Zeeuwsche Unie" 

  • I agree with the petition.   Fix errors before implementing updates.
  • bdreish (GB1)bdreish (GB1) Posts: 1,341GB1
    Adding my name to this.  Dont know how they do it, but they manage to add bugs to actions that were bug free - do the staff get paid extra for this?
    bdreish @ en 1
  • Last few updates were terrible, therefore i am forced to start a petition thread that we do not want updates anymore, fix the  bugs, log in issues and terrible lag issues first before implementing new things.

    I surely hope that players agree with it and will sign this petition, they might listen to us all if we are with many.
    Totally agree, Pinjo!
    Ariel_9 @ ro 1
  • agreed that the updates are bad.

    But no updates is not any solution either.

    They just need to start testing updates before putting them in.

    Whisky @ nl 1
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