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"Love is all around the Big Farm World!" (New Event Start Times)

♥ Valentine's Day is just around the corner 

Can you already feel the romantic atmosphere?
Are you maybe thinking about making special cards or giving small presents to your loved ones and friends to show them your feelings and appreciation?

Since the Day of Love is celebrated worldwide in many ways, why don’t we also celebrate it in different time zones? This year we want the Valentine’s Day to be even more special than ever! We have already got some romantic gifts and balloons, but the wind has blown them to all corners of the farm! Can you help Rose to find them? For sure, you can! :)

This is crazy, but this year the balloons can be found on all farms starting at different times, depending on the time zone!

We have to ask for your understanding, because for the countries with more than one time zone we only could pick one – most representative – region on the globe. 

Let’s celebrate World Search “Valentine’s Day” for the first time in 5 different time zones, so everybody all over the world has 10 full days of the event based on the running server time!

We will start in Japan (JST) at midnight Sat/Sun 4th/5th   (4pm CET Saturday)

Followed by (at their respective midnights):

  • Brazil (AMT) (5am CET Sunday)

  • USA (EST)  (6am CET Sunday)

  • Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela (CST)  (7am CET Sunday)

Then all other servers: (Germany, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, India, Australia, Hungary, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia and International1) will start the event at Midnight CET Sun/Mon 5th/6th Sat/Sun 4th/5th

EDIT: & Denmark!!!  Sorry to all our Danish farmers, you will also be getting the event :)

On behalf of the whole Big Farm Team,
we wish you a lot of fun and even more love ♥

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  • Hi Everyone,

    First we would like to apologise that this is the 3rd announcement about the start time for the Valentine Event. :(

    US1 is still starting at Midnight Saturday EST (6am Sunday CET) so no change there.

    For all the other servers in the EN Community - We originally posted that it would start at Midnight CET on Saturday & it was then changed to Midnight CET on Sunday, but it would appear that some of the other forums are still saying Midnight Saturday & to be perfectly honest with you, no one seems to be 100% sure which is correct.

    So we have decided to post this to let you know that it is possible the event may be starting tonight at Midnight CET Saturday.

    Again we apologise for the confusion, who knew that it was so difficult to tell time! :(

    From your humble Mods!

    PS. If it doesn't start tonight, it will be tomorrow night lol

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    "I seek not to know the answers, but to understand the questions!" - Caine

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