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Update Jan 31st - Player Survey, Valentine's Day Event

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Hello everyone,

Here are the latest news for our next update, following which you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference and help us to shape the game that we all know and love!

Big Farm Player Satisfaction Survey

This update will offer each one of you the chance to share feedback on your gaming experience in Big Farm directly with our team. This will be done through a survey that you will find in your account's inbox once it has been activated, which will focus mostly on game mechanics, performance and features.

What we are interested in is your honest and accurate feedback to have a more precise indication on what really matters to you, so that we can combine it with our vision to better define the development direction of Big Farm.

Not all players will receive the survey at the same time, it will be distributed at different intervals. It will be completely optional and of course all the information given will be used only internally and kept absolutely confidential.

Valentine's Day Event

While we’re celebrating the Chinese New Year, we can already get ready for another very special day coming up: Valentine's Day!

We'll hide cute balloons all over all your farms (not only the main farm) and we hope you'll find them all, to win a romantic fountain decoration and a new flag!

Additionally, there will be new special event offers in the shop during the event, to help your farm getting into a lovey-dovey mood …  your dog might like at least one of them! p

Daily Quests for all the temporary farms!

Yes, you’ve read it correctly! From now on you’ll have daily quests in all your temporary farms so you don't feel so lost (these new quests will only be enabled in a temporary farm if you played it at least once). 

Have fun!

Your Big Farm Team

We will inform you about the expected date/hour of the update soon.

Discussion thread for this update is  HERE

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