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Items Missing From Build Menu

I can not to build water tower in my gourmet farm, because there are not in build menu. From the beginning it was, but very expensive, and now it is missing. Why? What to do?

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  • I have noticed a change in the build menu on my flower farm. Does it mean you have removed the olive groove and apiary from the game. I opened the farm a few day ago and I was so looking forward to building them, I am disappointed. Will the flower farm be now limited to only what can be grown on the meadow or have these facilities been moved else where since olives still appear on the farm management note



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    Hey @tsitsi (INT1) have you taken a look through the build menu for your Olive grove & Apiary ?? You do have to be a certain player level in order to build them. Plus you need the room and workers for them. In your farm management area you will find them under "Produce" page 2 ;)

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  • I am at level 45 and have built the distillery, when I first bought the farms all these were there in its build menu,  stating what I have to achieve first before they can the built  but today when I went there to build the distillery, it and the meadow where the only things appearing.  I also asked my friend and she confirmed it was the same in her menu, if this is not a game change then where did they go.



  • Data King (US1)Data King (US1) US1 Posts: 7,877
    As much as i hate to tell you but it sounds like a support issue. Take some screen shots of the effected area And send them into support letting them know what your trouble is ;)

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    It is listed in there for me,
    Can you try clearing your cache and see if it appears?

    Yes, I cleaned cache and changed browsers but water tower still are not.


  • I can not see the apiary in the build section, and what level is it on please.
  • mia111 (GB1)mia111 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 741
    @karen052 (GB1)

    It is under the meadow. You can build it from level 57 onward.
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  • All i have in flower farm is meadow and olive grove in production facilities.
  • @karen052 (GB1) The apiary should show up in your build menu once you reach level 57. :) 
  • It not showing in my build menu as well my sister the same problem. We can not build it if its not there, someone told me its a support issue can support guys do something about it. The only thing showing in our menus are the meadow and distillery, the olive grove, apiary and everything else are not there.



  • I want to take a snap shot of the build menu can someone tell me how to dot it.



  • Hi @tsitsi (INT1)

    This is NOT a Support issue.  The apiary is only available to be built from level 57 and up.

    You are level 46, therefore it does not show up in your build menu at the moment.

    When you reach level 57 is will show up in your build menu and you will then be able to build it.

    Please do not send a ticket to Support about this -- it is not a bug or a problem with the game.

  • But it was showing from the moment I opened the farm as well another third item whose name I have forgotten. So is it the norm with the flower farm , that you see items they disappear, and reappear as you progress?



  • @tsitsi (INT1)

    This is a change to the game and is the case now not only on the flower farm but on all the farms.  
    You are quite correct, though, it used to be different.

    I thought I'd be helpful   ;)   and took screen shots for you of the 2 "buildings" that have disappeared from your menu, indicating level and cost, etc to assist you in planning for the future.

    Happy farming,  

  • thanx Rowdy Rac tell how to take pictures I'm still trying to figure out how to do that



  • In Windows, Right click image, select save image as. Or use Print Screen button. Save as a .png. In Paint crop out what you don't want in image, resave. Put it where you can find it easily. You can upload it to photobucket or imageshack.

    If you don't use those sites, download lightshot from prntscrn.com, install it. From system tray click its icon,  Select area you want in image, then hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard; you get a menu, first item on its bottom menu is upload to prntscrn. Then copy URL of your image using attach image button here in posting box. 

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  • thanks guys



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