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Status Report on Recent Issues - Discussion

Since I haven't seen such a thread I though I would start it.

Official announcement can be found here.

My feedback:
Issue 10 hasn't been fixed:
I just tried to load the ship by clicking on the ship and I could not access it. I had to access it through the harbor

Issue number 2 doesn't seem to be fixed:
Couple of costumers since update have not paid. I didn't pay attention however to the money nor items before hand, but at least no money was popping from them. It seems that other players might have had this issue as well (see this thread)

About the rewards changes in the cc, they are not even close as motivating as they were the gold seeds or mining license. I think several players will agree as it can be seen here
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  • I am also still having trouble with the paying customers.  Sometimes I get the money when refreshing; most of the time not.
  • ME14 (US1)ME14 (US1) US1 Posts: 47
    I am unable to build on my Island Farm. Nothing I try works. All I am getting is Editor has a bad position. So frustrating
    ME14 @ us 1
  • @mia111 (GB1)  & others, Thankyou for your feedback, but as all the issues on the status update already have their own threads, we would prefer to keep any new information on those, where it will not be missed.
    Having said that, I couldn`t find a thread on this forum for the ship bug, I know there is one on the test server forum, so feel free to start one in the technical help section here, to report that your ship is still not clickable. All other reports should be made on the relevant threads. Thankyou :)

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