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Status Report on Recent Issues

Hey Big Farmers,

As you know,  we, CMs and Mods, recently asked you to help us prioritize the most urgent bugs to be fixed by the Big Farm team. These were the overall results, according to everyone who participated from all of our communities:

Bug Priority List

  1. Layout Mode - Disappearing decos in all farms.

  2. Neighbours - Sometimes they don’t pay when selling products. Fixed only with reload. (Should have been fixed in today's bugfix)

  3. Sell/donate- the sell and donate function doesn’t always work, both for full amount of products and for limited ones.

  4. Building/moving - Error13 (Bad Position) when placing/building decos and other buildings. (Should have been fixed in today's bugfix)

  5. Next harvest panel - Timers sometimes freeze before reaching 00:00:00.

  6. Timers - The inconsistency for missions, ship, buildings process.

  7. Transfer products - error message when trying to move good to the market or the bakery. (Should have been fixed in today's bugfix)

  8. Clicking on the first village dollars icon in the coop village will bring players to the temp farm and unlock it + extra ship slots.

  9. Farm - amount of honeydew and fertilizer keeps varying with no reason. Losses happens too.

  10. Ship -You can’t click on the ship, only on the harbor. (Should have been fixed in today's bugfix)

This list has been forward to the team to be analyzed and worked on so the problems you’re facing at the moment can be fixed as soon as possible. We suspect some of the issues -  specifically connected with reloads, differences in quantities / values, delays, errors - might have the same origin but we are still investigating. A solution might take some time due to the difficulty in reproducing these bugs.

As a side note, and since some of you brought up some questions regarding these 3 specific points, we want to tell you that:

  • regarding the two extra crates on the ship, we’re working on an optimization so these specific temp farm crates are only unlocked after a deliberate action made by the player. For those that had them unlocked against their will, we are checking what’s technically possible to do there too, but we need a deeper investigation.

  • we’re also analyzing the situation of the ring menu information currently missing once an upgrade or production is ongoing.

  • the dev team appreciates your feedback regarding the recent changes to the Cooperative Championship rewards & is currently analyzing all the data from the latest event, which ended on Friday.

Thank you for your cooperation and feedback!

Your Forum Team
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