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Goodbye everyone <3

Hey, dear Bigfarmerinos!

Usually I'm not too shabby at putting bad news into good words, but this time I can't possibly think of anything fitting:

I will leave Goodgame as a Community Manager at the end of this month.

This decision - regardless of the whole kerfuffle taking over the news over the last few weeks - was everything but easy to me, and besides some very dear collegues, I will mostly miss all of you very much.

The lot of you who's been with us for a while know that I put my heart and soul in all our farming games, and that I always tried to give you guys a nice and friendly forum and a good line to our games. I like to think we had some great times together since ye olde days of "Farmer", "Farmfever" or "Big Farm", and I hope you agree :)

While I had some travels to our more knightly worlds as well, this is one reason why "my" Big Farm community is so close to my heart. I'll do my best to hand you over to collegues who will help you out whenever there are problems - even if we've gone down in numbers, no doubt.

Talking about it, I should also forward a big, warm Good Bye from Steffi/Nafaru, who also did leave the company. Her new place of work will lead her back to the world of browser games, so who knows, you might run into her again :)

Well, and now I don't know what to say anymore. But I'm not completely gone yet! I'll stay here until the end of September, and next month I will start a new adventure in a German WebTV station, as a CM of course, and see what awaits me there.

So, a giant, huge, gigantic "Thank you!" to all of you! You guys made every single working day a better one, and I don't just say that, trust me.

Love y'all,

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