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Invite Friends???

I have invited a friend to join, and she has, and she has reached level 33, when does the rewards start and how do I know it is started???


  • @sueraney (US1) If your friend used your link & started a farm on the same server as you (US1) you should have been linked together as soon as she 1st logged in.
  • sueraney (US1)sueraney (US1) US1 Posts: 104

    She started her farm and is in my coop???

  • @sueraney (US1)
    If you are not getting rewards already then she might have not used the link that she was supposed to use. I cant think of another reason why you wouldn't be rewarded  
  • @sueraney (US1)
    If your farms are linked together (which should've happened when your friend created her farm using your link), you'll have to go to the welcome center (big building in airport) to collect your friendship pennies. There's no automatic rewarding as far as I remember. Though I think there should have been a pop-up saying "a new friend arrived" or something.
    Your friend will have to click on your name which she should have under her own name at the top left of her farm to collect her rewards.
  • There used to be a bug (I don`t know if it still exists) where the link did not work if you were offline when your friend 1st logged in. If that is what happened you could try contacting support, but I would be surprised if they do anything about now, as the link would end at level 40 anyway & your friend is almost there.
  • Try checking your welcome center. May be you missed somthing.

  • 1   click on welcome center if you have this type of image in welcome center it means you have farmfriend if not have it means you not have farm friend
    2  if your  welcome center is not giving friendship pennies then no problem this is technical problem after update this problem will gone :)

  • I have invited a friend to join the game and duly sent the email invite and to the correct address. but she does not receive it .

    has anyone else encountered this?
  • archerbob (AU1)archerbob (AU1) AU1 Posts: 531
    The invite friends feature has never worked

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