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Update Aug 16th - Test server is go!

Hello everyone!

We already mentioned our new test server, and now our test program will finally start! Be one of the first players to try out brand new, upcoming features! Help us create great new elements of the game, and give us your feedback on everything that's planned for the near future! 

Don't forget:
The test server is, first and foremost, used to test all our new features in a real environment, so please expect bugs, crashes, game problems and other inconveniences. Also, to properly test everything, we can and will wipe the server, delete accounts or items (including normal and premium currency). This also includes Gold you bought on the store, since the store will also be available on the test server.

Before you buy gold on the test server, please be aware that it will not be a permanent purchase, and it can and probably will be deleted during game tests.

- Your account on the test server will not be connected to your current account (which we'll call "live account" from now on) on your regular server - so whatever you will do on the test server will not impact your actual live account. 

- All accounts on the test server will be new accounts, you will not be able to transfer over your current account to the test server or vice versa.

- Please also note that while we try to add all languages as soon as possible, the test server will default to English when no translation is done yet. You can of course join from everywhere!

- In the future, we might credit boosters, gold or other help for you to reach higher levels and being able to test advanced mechanics easily. 

- Generally, while we are awaiting your feedback regarding all gameplay elements, please keep in mind that the balancing of pretty much everything on the test server is not final yet. Numbers, prices and rewards can and most probably will change all the time. Events might also be started on the test server, and their length can be way too short or too long in comparison to the real deal.

Rewards for your help

We will give out rewards to all players helping us on the test server from time to time! These rewards will, of course, be credited to your live accounts, so you can keep them forever. :) Some rewards might be given out to all players on the test server, others can be exclusive to players who do their best to actively participate by playing a lot, by sending in bug reports and so on. More details on this will follow. 

To receive rewards for your live account, please keep in mind to register on the test server using the same email address you are currently using on your home server. 

The Test Server Forum

We also set up a forum exclusively for the test server, so you can easily share your findings, bugs or feedback to us! You should be able to reach it by clicking on the "Go to forum" button in the game while you're playing on the test server. If that doesn't work, you can also use this link: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/testboard/

Please be aware that the test forum is not a platform to chat, post off topic posts or discuss content on the live servers. These are discussions best talked about on the regular forums.

Account creation in the game and the new test forums can be a bit confusing, so please read this carefully and feel free to ask, if you have any questions.

How to create a new account on the test server

You will be able to easily join our new server: Next to the flag symbol on the title screen, select the Test Server from the server list next to it. You will then have to start a new account - please use the same email address you already are using for your live account, in case we give out rewards or bonuses to your live account.

Please use your regular forum accounts in the Test Server Forum as well. 

After opening the forums at http://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/testboard (or by clicking on the Forum link in the game, while being on the testserver), you should be logged in with your regular account.

If you are not, a page should open up on which you should be able to select your language and server (please select  your regular server here), and log in with your current user name and password.

If you have any questions, let us know in the discussion thread.

Have fun on the test server,

your CM Team



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