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Update July 26th - Some fixes and some collecting

CM LattenCM Latten Posts: 542
edited 25.07.2016 in Official Announcements

Hello everyone, 
this week there won't be an actual new update, but a few fixes and preperations for the weekend!

Selectable rewards for events

As you have noticed by now, we messed up the debut of last week’s "selectable rewards" feature by activating the wrong UFO event, and we're super sorry. We will now activate the selectable reward system for more events, so you will hopefully see it in action in this week’s "Camping" event!

Collect event weekend

As part of our Summer Weekend Activity Festival, this weekend is going to be fun, fun, fun! We will not only bring some cool temps by restarting our very popular Snowman event for everyone, but we will also add all kinds of collection events, together with our Summer Weekend dropped items booster! While all events (Camping, Bees, Candy Search and Snowman) are running, the booster will help you to collect double the event objects!

Be sure to stock up on Sunflower seeds!

Have fun everyone! Here's the link for the discussion thread.
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