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Update July 19th - Selectable Rewards

CM LattenCM Latten Posts: 542
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Hey everyone,

this time we only have very small changes, in preparation for some bigger updates following soon!

Selectable rewards

For some events and offers, we will add the option to hand out different rewards, of which you can choose your favorite. This can be added to all kinds of different occasions and events.

- Some events and offers may give you the option to select your reward by scrolling through a pool of prizes and select your reward of choice.
- There might also be the option of choosing multiple rewards from a pool of prizes, which will work similar, but you'll be able to choose more than one prize.
- The first event to utilize this will be the UFO event.

New appearances!

Would you like to have some more cool or sweet residential buildings on your main farm? As a reward for the Viking and Candy farms, you can now obtain both sweet house and viking house appearances for your simple and fancy houses. 

Better performance!

We put a lot of effort into improving the game performance again!

You should see a lot of improvements for loading times and general performance, especially when starting the game, switching farms  and similar situations. If you’re playing on an older PC, you should also have a notably better experience in particular.

Let us know what you think in this thread!
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