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MuddyHollow looking for new members

At MuddyHollow we work as a team; everyone benefits from increased prices for product grown and produced, and shared knowledge.
We are looking for ADULT daily players to help us grow our co-op.  All members are REQUIRED to participate in research, challenges and co op projects.   If you do not play for a week and have not informed the co op of your absense you will be removed and replaced with an active player.  We do not require gold donations.
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  • Hey Farmers, looking for a co-op to join? Join us here at Muddy Hollow. When I first started playing this game I wasn't sure I wanted to join a co-op but I did. Needless to say the first co-op I joined I worked myself to the bone and the rest of the team sat idly by and let me. To be blunt, they let me do the majority of the work and they made away with the goods! I had enough of that after a short while and went in search of a new home. I had many offers to join co-ops, but I choose Muddy Hollow and I am so glad I did. After joining Muddy Hollow, I have been able to increase not only my main farm, but my other two farms as well; in a short period of time. As the news post says, we work as a team; everyone benefits from our team work. Here you will find a fun group of individuals, who are friendly, we chat, have fun, and most of all we work daily to improve our own farms and also to grow our co-op. We help one another with our knowledge, to help our members increase production on their farms. If you want to be a part of a working team, meet new friends and most of all increase you farm; apply to Muddy Hollow! It was the best decision I made! Come and meet us, you'll be glad you did!
  • Hi everyone , If you want a nice friendly co-op to join then Muddy Hallow is the place to join. I have been in a couple of other co-op's, one where they didnt do much at all and the other the leader thought everyone was against the co-op so it slowly died. I was reluctant on ever joining another co-op ever again but then i found Muddy Hallow and that has been home ever since and i couldnt ask for any better place to be. In Muddy Hallow everyone is as nice as can be and are just like family there, and we all work together on projects and everything we do....So what are you waiting for come on and join us!!!!
  • COME ON DOWN!!! We are GROWING!!! Please get off the front porch and come run with us in the fields with the fun dogs!!!  Pups included, too!!  We are here in MuddyHollow living it up.  We are thinkin' and plannin' and doin' and achieving FABULOUS farms and times.  Our "town" is all about the FUN in team working.  We have players of all ranks, styles and ideas...AND, of course, we want more!  MuddyHollow has raised me from a little whelp pup to a truly valuable team farmer.  We look forward to your enthusiastic energy and brilliant ideas!  Oh, and yes, we love to see your team dot stay inn the GREEN and WHITE!  So join in and YEEHAW and YAHOO with us down inn MUDDYHOLLOW!!!  We'll be keepin' an eye open for ya!!!

  • PICK US!!!   PICK US!!!  MUDDYHOLLOW!!  FUN!! FUN!! FUN!!  NO STRESS!!  NO FRET!!!  COME ON DOWN!!!  WE'RE AWAITIN' FOR YA!!!!!  Hurry on down now!!!!
  • Come see Cal and his dog Spot!!!  MuddyHollow!!
  • Come see Cal and his dog Spot!!  MuddyHollow!!
  • MuddyHollow members  if you are using Firefox and can't get on  please switch browsers, many others at MuddyHollow have had the same problem.  We miss you, hope you see this post.
    DxrxbillingGame @ us 1

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