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5 ideas for improvement of big farm

1 - Deco's(stole this idea from a member who wont put it on forum)
They have to be moved off the farms. Almost 90% off all rewards are deco's, so then it makes no sense to put them on your precious farm
space since you can only put a very limited amount of them there. So please let's remove the deco's from the farms and put them in the tower only.
The total deco value of the tower will determine the level of happiness then and possibly more other factors.
If that is implemented we can also have a tower for each farm instead of just one, and working for a deco makes more sense then since you can
actually use it that way.

2 - I already suggested this before, but i would really like to have one shared farm for all coop members (in addition to the current farms). It should be easy to implement, just copy/paste the crap for the flower farm for example, and make it accessible to all coop members.
It should obviously be a bit larger then the private famrs. The coop farm would open up numerous new options. To begin some of the stuff that is now on each farm could be moved to the coop farm, like the market place, a coop could then work together to fullfill an order.
Another existing function is the coop missions that give you points to the coop level, that could also be in the coop farm.
The shared coop farm also needs a common goal/reward then, a coop farm that is further developed could for example have an effect on the time it takes to grow crops on private farms, but it could also have an effect on the coop level, or maybe grow seaweed stuffs at a lower rate(which would mean a combined effort can produce something which normally is bought with gold for non-gold members for example).
Many more options for a coop farm would be possible, new types of very special crops, just let your imagination run wild haha :)

3 - along the lines of idea 2; 
A temporary farm like vinkings, but then coop-shared....

4 - We need a competitive element between coops in which gold is not allowed(except for gold already spent on improving your farm).
That way levels and improved farms, and online time woudl actually reflect how 'good' a coop is. 
This could be a simple copy of the current coop-competition with the exception that anything payed off with gold does not count for the competition. I am not saying this should replace the current coop-competition, but lets say do one competition with gold and then one without.
Should be cake to implement i think, simply dont add up the mission numbers if a field/stable etc... is harvested using gold

5 - please make watering the coop tree different; atm it is a [Removed]..... you have to wait a rotten long time for each farm to load...we need to water the tree without actually going to another members farm.

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  • adoptapet (US1)adoptapet (US1) Posts: 1,760
    edited 25.05.2016
    5 - please make watering the coop tree different; atm it is a [Removed]..... you have to wait a rotten long time for each farm to load...we need to water the tree without actually going to another members farm.

    Do not wait for their farms to load.  I click where the tree will be and then go down and click on another player.  It works for me, but maybe my browser/computer?  I will try to video what I mean someday (when I learn how to do that, lol).  In fact, I do not even have to wait for the players to display until I am nearly finished.  I get all the $ in a lump at the end.  Worst case is if my timing is off, then I get the cooperative popup, easy to x out.

    Edited to Add:  I did not mean to imply I did not want the improvement, I do,  I do~~!  This is a work-around, at least for me.

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