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Question : compost usage for glasshouse

i seem to remember when planting seeds for the glasshouse the usage of compost used to be 1 at a time...
At this moment it depends highly on which seed it is and if it is a special seed or not.
For the honeydew melon special seed, 1 time is now glasshouse compost !?!? is that not a little bit much ?

Was it like this already or has it recently gone up ?

P.S.; i hope i used the correct english terms for it... cuz i'm playing on the nl server, cant see what the words are :)

something's gone wrong typing, 
was supposed to say 1 time special honeydew melon now cost 250 compost...

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  • CathyD (INT1)CathyD (INT1) INT1 Posts: 958
    This is what I have, from several months ago, from before the candy farm and the other one.  The numbers are how much humus you need for specific seeds:
    Tropical Island hummus needed
    Lime Sp Seed 25 ord seed 1
    Grapefruit Sp Seed 50 ord seed 2
    Pineapple Sp Seed 100 ord seed 5
    Honeydew Melon Sp Seed 250 ord seed 10

    Viking Island hummus needed
    Gooseberry Sp Seed 25 ord seed 1
    Rose hip Sp Seed 50 ord seed 2
    Blackberry Sp Seed 100 ord seed 5
    Cloudberry Sp Seed 250 ord seed 10
  • Uncle John (GB1)Uncle John (GB1) GB1 Posts: 11,004
    the numbers certainly haven't changed in the last 18 months. They have always been lots.  :¬(
  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 06.05.2016
    No, IMO these amounts have always been the same (quite high!!) since the Greenhouse was introduced.

    I once got these numbers from our unsurpassed friend Brian:

    Regular lime seeds takes 1 greenhouse humus.
    Regular grapefruit seeds takes 2 greenhouse humus.
    Regular pineapple seeds takes 5 greenhouse humus.
    Regular honeydew melon seeds takes 10 greenhouse humus.

    Special lime seeds takes 25 greenhouse humus.
    Special grapefruit seeds takes 50 greenhouse humus
    Special pineapple seeds takes 100 greenhouse humus.
    Special honeydew melon seeds takes 250 greenhouse humus.

    Standard gooseberry seeds: 1 greenhouse humus.
    Standard rose hip seeds: 2 greenhouse humus.
    Standard blackberry seeds: 5 greenhouse humus.
    Standard cloudberry seeds: 10 greenhouse humus.

    Special gooseberry seeds: 25 greenhouse humus.
    Special rose hip seeds: 50 greenhouse humus.
    Special blackberry seeds: 100 greenhouse humus.
    Special cloudberry seeds: 250 greenhouse humus.

    EDIT: Oeps, DuffyPoo beat me to it!  ;)

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