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horse racing

my horse is level 45 and bronze level...last time we had horse racing all the horses where 90 and above and my game had to be adjusted....well guess what it has happened again...no way to win when the horses and levels are stacked against you...

111, 110, 94, 111, 84, 97, 112, 105, 93, 98, 94, 104.....I understand a range above and below me but silver and double my level is a bit much...I just want a fair chance

synergylw @ us 1


  • Good luck with that!  From my understanding, the horse tournaments are merely a roll of the dice.....I have an excellent horse......Uncommon, quality level 2, high numbers on all three attributes, (strength, agility and endurance/speed) and usually a level 70 to 72 when I finally get'er through all that grueling training!  However, a level 23 can whup her tail !!!  go figure.......I usually claw my way to platinum league before the tourny is over, but my oh my, what a frustrating climb!!  LOL!  I say "don't fret, just play and enjoy"   Now if I could only take my own advice......hmmmmm   o:)
    SophiaLorraine @ us1
  • shazamd (US1)shazamd (US1) US1 Posts: 755
    Most of the players have to start the tournament in Bronze.  In a few days they'll advance to Silver, Gold and Platinum.  At that point you will be competing against horses closer to you in levels.  Just keep challenging - you'll probably win a few that the odds say you shouldn't.

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