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If life.......

Susie999 (IN1)Susie999 (IN1) Posts: 348
edited 16.04.2016 in The Games Lounge
Hi ppl! I have a really interesting game to play. the rules are simple:
person 1 will ask a question (ex. if life doesnt like you......)
person 2 will answer (ex. dont like life back!!)
person 2 will ask another question
and person 3 will answer and ask a question
the game goes on.......
i will start:
if life takes you to hell........
(enjoy! :))


  • would say hi to the devil  >:)

    if life was fair...?
  • enjoy life!
    if life gives you a lemon
  • Zuko (IN1)Zuko (IN1) Posts: 594
    will squash it !

    if life gives u a tiger
  • i will donate it in a wildlife sanctuary to save tigers

    if life gives you a chance to do anything......
  • then do what you have been dying to do
    if life gives you your love....
  • will love it
    if life takes u to Newyork............
  • spend all your money there :D
    if life hates you >:)
  • Sukiyaki (US1)Sukiyaki (US1) US1 Posts: 555

    then you need a more positive attitude.

    If life is like a bowl of pops...

  • then eat the BOWL OF POPCORN :D
    if life was made like there would be no more years after 2016.....
  • that wud be bad.......live life to the fullest in 2016, propose your crush, go on an adventure, eat loads of ice cream, chat with your friends forever, spend time with ur family
    if life broke you heart (i really need this)
  • Then forget about that bad time.
    If life wants that you hate your crush. ( This time Susie will give answer)
  • wht a.. *-* susie needs to give the answer okie, thn i`ll not say anything :#
    i`ll ask the q. only
    if life makes that there would be no mroe studies frm now on....
  • Then kids can enjoy there life but after some time it will be boring i guess :3

    If life gives u so much adventures xD

  • i`ll live it to the fullest. (i love adventuring xD)
    if life makes the dinosaurs reappear on 2017.....
  • if dinosaurs reappear in 2017, take a selfie with them lol
    if life wants me to hate my crush, sorry i can never do it......

    if life takes your school away........
  • @Susie999 (IN1) *if life wants me to hate my crush, sorry i can never do it......* u completed the sentence already -__-
    if life takes your school away then tht`ll be gud, cz i hate the school m reading at present

    if life makes you fall in love with a person u hate.......
  • then i will try to count their +ves instead of -ves
    if life grants you one wish....
  • then i`ll wish to give me the thing which i want
    if life gives u one chance to work with your favourite celebrity....
  • Susie999 (IN1)Susie999 (IN1) Posts: 348
    edited 24.04.2016
    if celebs can also mean cricketers, i wd meet all my fave ones and get a little training :p
    if life says i dont care
    if life makes u go in the space for one day....
  • Susie999 (IN1)Susie999 (IN1) Posts: 348
    edited 30.04.2016
    i'd click pics lol\

    if life makes others behave rudely
  • le dumb retard (US1)le dumb retard (US1) Posts: 1,739
    edited 09.05.2016
    (pplz always behaves rude with me) i also behave the same with them and also don`t care their [Removed] words
    if life makes u go in the future
    Post edited by CuddlyFoxes (FormerMod) on
  • i'd meet doraemon!!

    if life takes you to past
  • i`ll enjoy :p
    if life makes you invisible for one day
  • I'd EaT ALL DaY...!!
    If YOu WeRe The OnLy HuMaN aliVe...??
  • I would get bored :|
    If life wanted your soul?
  • I Won'T GiVe..!!xD
    If LiFe MakEs You a MouSE...??
  • i'd try to play chase me with a cat lol if life makes it like ur crush wants to be your best friend (hpnd wid me XD)
  • then tell him i am sorry :tongue: 
    if life was made on canvas...? :
  • i`d keep on drawing *-*
    if life makes every boyz go crazy over u
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