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Community Guidelines

Welcome to our Forums!

We created these Community Guidelines to maintain friendly and reasonable cooperation between our community members. We ask all users to carefully read these guidelines, and stick to them. 

Please be aware: If a user repeatedly infringes the Community Guidelines, this account may end up with an infraction or even a temporary or permanent ban. 

 Community Managers and Moderators - The Forum Team 

Our forum team is working on maintaining a friendly community. Community managers (CMs) and moderators (Mods) are representing Goodgame Studios, and are the final authority of the official forums. They help our players, keep an eye on discussions and users, step in when heated arguments arise and make sure the Community Guidelines and the TOS of the game are maintained. 

For this purpose, they have the right to interfere, when adherence to our guidelines is at risk, and can hand out warnings or infractions, edit, move or delete user created content, and exercise property rights if needed. 
  • Our forum team has a reason behind moderating a post, so please refrain from starting arguments over any kind of moderation procedure, for example warnings, bans or closed threads. 
    Do not post text logs, PM logs or Email conversations of chats with the forum staff or GGS Support. 
    If you take issue with a specific case, or how it got handled by the team, please send a PM explaining your point to the involved team member (or a different one, if you prefer that), and we will come back to you. Our team will always be happy to explain a point, and to discuss an issue with you, but we don't want any discussion over a specific moderation event to derail existing threads.

  • If a thread has been closed by the forum team, do not create a similar thread about the same topic again, or a discussion thread about the lock. Exceptions can be made by the team, and will be communicated within the locked thread. 

  • Don't demand a post being made by mods and/or CMs. Be assured, the forum team will reply if they feel here's a need to. In case you think the team might have missed a situation, or should reply to specific questions or problems, send a PM to a moderator or CM instead. They will have a look at the situation.

  • When situations or arguments end in a stalemate, go too far or otherwise can't be resolved, CMs and mods will have the final say in a discussion. Please do not bring up points of discussion again in the same thread, if they have been declared as ended by the Forum team.

Please be aware that intentional sabotage of these points may result in a warning or a ban from the forums.

 Posting in the Big Farm Forums 

  • Generally, and most importantly: Be aware that there are many other users in the forums as well. Be polite and friendly to others, don't attack or insult other players, and respect other opinions as you would expect others to respect yours.
  • Keep your posts readable. Don't post in all capital letters, misleading titles, excessive punctuation, non-standard languages or symbols, etc. If you visit from another Big Farm Forum, please don't forget the official language of this forum is English.
  • Please don't "bump" your post immediately, if you feel you don't get an answer. Give our users at least 12 hours, better 24 hours to reply to a newly created thread or question before posting again as a direct reply.
  • Before opening a new thread, check if a recent thread already covers a topic you'd like to talk about. Opening new threads about recently existing topics may result in a thread close or move of posts.
  • Don't post external content (e.g. videos, images, songs etc) if you are unsure about the copyright situation. We don't want anyone to get into legal trouble because a copyright wasn't respected. Generally, sources that offer a sharing option (Youtube, Instagram etc) should be fine to use.

 Naming and shaming

Please refrain from openly accusing other players of dishonorable behaviour, such as cheating, hacking, stealing coop players or similar. This may lead to post deletion and can cause a warning. Of course we are aware that there can be warranted cases, but since this is very hard to determine at first glance, this would be very open to abuse.
Instead, present your case while maintaining the anonymity of everyone involved, and report details of suspicion directly to the CM/Mod team.

 Freedom of Speech

Please don't forget: "Freedom of speech" is not synonymous with "Freedom from consequences". It describes the law, stating that you can't be pursued or arrested for what you think. It does not mean, however, that everyone has to listen to it, or that we are obligated to publish your opinion on our platform. 
"Freedom of Speech" does not shield you from criticism, different opinions, having your posts edited or deleted, or getting banned, if your posts violate our forum guidelines. 

 Religion and Politics

Please refrain from starting discussions/threads about religious or political topics and questions. Our EN forums contain all kinds of players from all nations, from all parts of the world, and what might be a simple religious or political issue for one community member might be really offensive and malicious to others. Discussion in this area might get out of hand quickly, and is potentially easily derailed by troll posts. We think there are other internet forums that are better equipped for this kind of discussion.

As an exception, we usually allow threads about holidays, be they political or religious, as long as they don't cause offense or carry maliciousness against other groups or people, eg. Christmas, Hanuka, Eid-Al-Adha and many others. Reason being that these usually don't ask for political or religious opinion, discussion or affiliation, and are usually meant to be light-hearted and fun.

 Signatures and Avatars

Of course, you can freely express yourself through your avatar and signature, but please don't use pictures or content that go against our forum rules and the offenses listed below.
As a general guideline, your signature should stay within the following measurements:
Width: 600px
Height: 220px (including texts, emoticons etc) Images more than 200px high will be automatically resized to 200px

 Reasons for Warnings, Temporary and Permanent Bans 

  • Insult or harassment, openly or veiled, of other players, mods or GGS employees. This includes attacks or derogatory comments against other users in the forums, attacking or debasing other members because of their personal opinions, language or orthography, their gender or sex, their heritage or religion.  Be aware that insulting and harassment not only depends on the language used, but also the intention behind it. 
    Racism: This includes spread of openly or veiled racist or ethnic hatred, defamation or symbols. 
  • Threats towards other users, mods or GGS employees: This includes clear or veiled threats of non-game related violence or game-related reporting (such as threats of mod intervention), private threats or harassment through PMs, Email or other means, stalking and similar actions. 
  • Spread or/and discussion of real-life information of other players, mods or GGS employees. 
    Adult, obscene or vulgar content: This includes posting and spread of adult, sexual and pornographic, as well as overly brutal or violent content, pictures and texts or inappropriate reference of anatomy or bodily functions. 
  • Impersonating GGS or moderation staff, to spread wrong information or get hold of internal information. 
  • Inappropriate or rude behaviour: This includes swearing, usage of swearwords, minor inappropriate use of anatomy or bodily functions as means to be rude, or similar behaviour. 
  • Disruption of moderation, which includes starting arguments or discussions about warnings, bans etc., insinuating censorship or historical comparisons due to post edits or deletions, and similar discussion bait following moderator actions.
  • Spamming or trolling. This includes:
    - Excessive posting of the same phrase, similar phrases or random letters/words
    - Creation of posts with the sole intent of causing disturbance
    - Causing of disturbances in starting quarrels, off-topic derails or intentional destruction of discussion
    - Misuse of reactions or flagging options to harass other users
    - One-Post comments like "LOL", "tl;dr", "first" or other unnecessary comments
  • Advertisements of competitor games, such as Farm games, Browser games etc, with the intent of moving players from our community to a different game, website or community. Links to supportive and private websites, such as Big Farm fansites or wikis are usually allowed, if the advertising is kept to signature or relevant posts.
  • Creating multiple forum accounts with the intent of supporting own threads and opinions, avoidance of warnings or bans, creating the illusion of multiple users etc.
  • Be aware that groups, especially private groups, are generally not monitored by the forum team. If we get information about legal issues, harassment or heavy cases of guideline violations or violations of the law, we will of course take the appropriate action, which may result in a close/deletion of the group and/or single infractions or bans for the responsible user.

In general, the first offense usually only comes with a minor warning or a lead by the forum team. Heavy or repeated offenses might result in a temporary or permanent ban. In exceptional circumstances a user might get permanently banned immediately (for example: Heavy spam of pictures that break the law, heavy spam of pornographic content, grave insults towards other users).

We reserve right to also take appropriate measures against other potentially disrupting events, such as ruthless or rude behaviour towards other players, illegal activities, propaganda, calls to boycott or petition the game and other offensive or provocative behavior.

 Contacting the Team 

If you want to contact the forum team, you can freely send everyone of us a Personal Message. Our current team roster consists of:

CM_Hunter (Community Manager)
WascallyWabbit (Moderator)
CuddlyFoxes (Moderator)
PicklePaws (Moderator)
RowdyRac (Moderator)

If you want to reach our Support team, you can find the EN Big Farm Support at 

These guidelines can and will be updated and extended if needed. In this case, we will notify you about all changes in this thread.
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