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ukraine referendum

i am a little tipsy hihi, and i cannot find the post about rules :P So i'm not certain if posts about political issues are allowed hihi, so i'll just try for it since i don't think its any kind of extreme issue anyway;

In the Netherlands we have a referendum about a treaty with the ukraine.
And frankly I am not sure whether to vote in favor or against. 
The 2 main issues for me are;
1) Some of the Dutch politicians claim there is a part about traveling (for vacations) without a visum, others claim it is also for workers. If the first is true, i am fine with that, if the second is true i am not.
2) Some say it is a stepping stone to becoming a member of the EU, and other politicians clam it is not because that is not what is litterally written in the deal and in previous cases it was. Well written or not, i am under the impression that whether it is on paper or not it is going to be used as such, which ofcourse is not an ideal situation at this moment.
3) all other things in this deal i'm quite happy about as i assume anyone is.

So what would you do;
1 - vote against
2 - vote in favour
3- i do care but i dunno and wont vote
4- i don't give a rat's ass cuz its gonna be approved eitherway the whole referendum is just show, the main documents are signed already anyway.
5 - i really dunno at all :pensive: 


  • amyk (US1)amyk (US1) Posts: 1,201
    I would do 1 or 2.    I would vote.   If I could not decide, I would write Against and In Favor on two pieces of paper and then fold them up, mix them up, close my eyes, and pick one. 

  • CM LattenCM Latten Posts: 542
    Heya :)

    I'm really sorry, but I'm going to close this thread now. 

    Generally, we're not really comfortable with hosting discussions about political and/or religious discussions. You all know they can get out of hand pretty easily, and we don't want to be unfair in shutting down discussion A, but allowing discussion B about political themes. We are of course aware, that most discussions in these areas are perfectly harmless and don't willingly cause offense, but I'm sure you see how easy it is to derail these threads. To put it bluntly, we all know wars are being fought because of religions and politics, and we don't want to transport these wars into our forums - there are more fitting forums to discuss these topics :)

    As an exception, we usually allow threads about holidays, be they political or religious, as long as they don't cause offense or carry maliciousness against other groups or people, eg. Christmas, Hanuka, Eid-Al-Adha and many others. Reason being that these usually don't ask for political or religious opinion, discussion or affiliation, and are usually meant to be light-hearted and fun.

    I'm sure you understand,
This discussion has been closed.