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harassment from another player

I just went into my game and found that my farm plot needs to be repaired because a former disgruntled coop member somehow found my farm and used a naughty on it! This needs to be dealt with and her name is [Removed] She left me a nasty message when she left the coop and now this??
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  • Its ok, Im told its all part of the game so if it wont be handled it will be game on I guess.

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  • Djf59 (GB1)Djf59 (GB1) GB1 Posts: 13
    I had the same done to me, wrecked my cow sheds during a milk project....

    but as apparently naughty or nice is part of the game its seems as you say its game on ...
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  • In Indian server specially the co-op which are in gold league, creates some spare IDs and make it usage common to all the members, buys spooky ghosts,hodos and other stuffs. The pranks bought are used in missions , wherever their player tend to be losing in a mission. Even after complaining to deaf ears we didnt got any HELP.
  • My co-op mate got a prank, HODOS on his apiary, seems to be the pranksters have not got their brain yet.
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