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Forum Contest - Locusty Catastrophe!!

Having heard that Lester is experiencing some Locust problems on his farm,
I went over to take a look & managed to snap this pic of him being bugged by the little critters
Poor Lester!!

No we don`t expect you to count them all, though you are certainly welcome to try :)

All we want is your best guess at how many Locusts are visible on the picture.

Prizes will be awarded to those guesses closest to the actual number &
will include Gold up to 1500
as well as some possible Community Bonfires
If you impress us enough!

Contest will close at 9am CET on Monday 7th

Only one entry per person, no posting for other players &
any edits made after the deadline will be disqualified

As always, Have fun & good luck!!

[Zoom = CTRL+ and CTRL-]

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