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Coop Championship

GuestCmiller32 (US1)GuestCmiller32 (US1) US1 Posts: 79
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I think it is time for all coops to stand together(this does exclude one coop) this coop challenge was a disappointment as far as being a fair challenge. Something need to be done to make it a better experience for everyone (again this excludes one coop). Please post any ideas or comments I just want to put the thought out there, but if we stand together and not do the challenge maybe something will be done. Thanks to all of those kind players who supported us it was wonderful. Nice to see teams that know the meaning of sportsmanship.
 I have to say to one coop its not all about you and who can knock you down, but I think for most of us its just about winning new prizes. Who cares about staying #1 but we all would just like to have the apple tree, your afraid of not being #1 and we want a tree.  That's what it comes down to and again that word sportsmanship.     
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  • MTPYRO (US1)MTPYRO (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    Nobody is slamming the brat pack.  They operated within the rules as said.  the 1,000,000 rep point should be limited to so many per coop per challenge or some other similar fix.  GGS has bright people making the decisions, hopefully they can come up with a fix.
  • Really ?!? Seems like you both slammed Brat Pack, but then, maybe I'm overly sensitive.  GGS reduces every ones rep points by 10% (percent) ON A WEEKLY BASIS  to level the playing field.  Sounds like the bright people at GGS have already come up with a fix.
  • MTPYRO (US1)MTPYRO (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    I think it is obvious from my post I would not agree with anyone who slammed brat pack.  Knew nothing about any other OP.
    To other co-ops helping out:
    Most of us posted on our chat room that the help was offered and not asked for, we were very surprised by this.  I am sure there may have been some who asked but did not see any evidence of that.
    so a valid issue is brought up to discuss a possible fix and it seems the response is to attack?  What's up?!
  • FarmerMarkD (US1)FarmerMarkD (US1) US1 Posts: 119
    I didn't attack anyone. I just pointed out some facts that your coop-mate didn't bother to mention in the original Brat Pack bashing post in this thread. 

    I agree that the rep point buy should be eliminated or made more fair. If there's a fix for this I'm all for it. But I'm tired of my coop being made the bad guy.
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    Brat Pack
  • MTPYRO (US1)MTPYRO (US1) US1 Posts: 4
    I do agree MarkD, your coop should not be made to be the bad guys.  This should be about a fix not attacks.
  • Farmer wife, Cmiller,  I can assure you it isn't only money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that got the BP back in first.  I personally play all day long, I'm disabled so this game fills my life. Most of the BP plays the same way.. some while at work. Some work at home.  We got the lead because of dedication and HARD work. 

    Besides, pot calling the kettle black, party of one, C Miller.  MC bought lotsa gold before the mission started

    Silk says lets hug it out.  I think that's a great idea. Lets just play and have fun and see what happens.

  • Connie999 (US1)Connie999 (US1) US1 Posts: 61
    Elaine - while hard work may have been the reason beyond some members of the BP and MC, it's very very convenient that not even 1 hour after the shopping bag appeared, BP took the lead. 

    I agree with the hug part thou.  <3

    Connie999 @ us 1
  • +1
  • everyone cant have a super bole ring. that comes with hard work and dedication to playing the game
    FarmerJames94 @ us 1
  • FarmerMarkD (US1)FarmerMarkD (US1) US1 Posts: 119
    By the way, I just want to point out that the Brats aren't the monsters some want to paint us as. The message that came from our leadership to the coop was "If MC wins this, we expect the Brats to be gracious about it and congratulate them." Not that MC has ever congratulated us for our wins, but we wanted to show that we are good sports. All through the early part of the coop challenge, we were all acknowledging that MC was just working harder than we were. We seriously stepped up our game. We were catching up long before the rep point buy was available. And both teams took advantage of that rep point buy - not just the Brats. MC has some awesome mission players. No doubt about it. We may not like some of their methods, but we respect their players.
    FarmerMarkD @ us 1

    Brat Pack
  • Snap, someone let the air out of the footballs.

  • Mark call it whatever you want. My initial statement was about the challenge and it needs to be changed cause what they allow is absolutely abused more from some than others and as far as sportsmanship it still stands cause again what is wrong with being a good sport and let someone else get the tree after you have what 15. So please don't try and make it out that your and underdog.
    GuestCmiller32 @ us 1
  • JVD (US1)JVD (US1) US1 Posts: 2,705
    Your initial statement was about needed changes and a dig at the Brat Pack at the same time.

    I would have totally agreed with you had you left the digs out. Unnessary and unsportsmanlike!

    As for abuse? how is anything being abused, if the game allows it, then it is there for all to use whether they so choose to or not. That is not abuse.

    I do think that the challenge should be split between various levels, sort of like hardworker event, but more splits maybe by how many are in a coop or something. But even then there will be dissention... no way to make everyone happy.

    What is the point of anyone letting someone else win? where is the competition then? How do you get satisfaction from that?

    If you want to win you have to play, work hard and use all available resources provided by the game.

    I want to thank all who do help and support other coops, now that is sportsmanship!!! Win or lose!

    Hugs to all!


    Mark call it whatever you want. My initial statement was about the challenge and it needs to be changed cause what they allow is absolutely abused more from some than others and as far as sportsmanship it still stands cause again what is wrong with being a good sport and let someone else get the tree after you have what 15. So please don't try and make it out that your and underdog.

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  • Lots of things can be abused even though it allowed, just because its allowed doesn't make it right and nobody is saying you should get something for nothing, and the dig you all call it was just strait up. I really don't care if they keep first place that is not my issue.
    GuestCmiller32 @ us 1
  • FarmerMarkD (US1)FarmerMarkD (US1) US1 Posts: 119
    I never said we were the underdog. That would be absurd since we have won every single one of the coop challenges (of course the current one is not over yet). Don't put words in my mouth, and don't call us bad sports for playing the game as the developers presented it. That's just beyond bad sportsmanship. It's bashing and it's hateful. 

    If we sat back and LET someone win, how would anyone get any satisfaction out of that as Jackie said? That wouldn't mean you were the best. It would mean someone else, who is better, LET you win. Is that what you really want? To win by default? How is that a challenge?

    I may have more coop apples than I could ever use. But some of our newer members have none yet. That's who we play for, newer members who want those coop apples. Sorry you can't understand that. 

    We do not allow anyone to join during coop challenge. MC has had at least 4 new members since this one started, which means at least 4 people were booted. If that's how you want to play, more power to you. I'd rather be with a group who pulls together and does the work than a group that boots folks, tries to poach players and then whines about losing  the #1 position in the forums. Have a lovely day.
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    Brat Pack
  • No sorry you cant understand, that's your way of thinking afraid that someone else is the best and you are not, and for the new players they will be many other wins and when they grow they too will be able to help buy another win. As far as new members you pick and choose players for their money potential anyway. 
    GuestCmiller32 @ us 1
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