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Upcoming Event - Santa's Wish List

Hello Big Farmers,

all readers of the Racing Farmer have already spotted that there will be a cooperative event starting on November 23rd. Here are all the details on the upcoming event:

❄ Santa's Wish List ❄

Santa Claus is working around the clock to make all the gifts in time for Christmas. He still requires some farm goods, though, and is hence sending out orders to volunteers, looking for their help.

Is your cooperative ready to take on the challenge? If you prove to be a great help, you will be rewarded with a special cooperative decoration! But even the smallest effort counts, tons of small goodies await those contributing to the cause.

The event

Santa's Wishlist is an event consisting of 5 steps.

  • Steps 1-4 follow the same pattern and last for a week each.

  • Step 5 is a surprise for all cooperatives.

  • Difficulty increases with each step of the event.

  • Each cooperative will work together over the course of the event in order to achieve a special decoration for all their members.

What is there to do? Fulfilling orders

Each cooperative member gets a weekly order by Santa, tailored to their respective player level.

  • Orders have a duration of 7 days. 6 days are spent working on orders all by yourself. During the last day you can get some additional help from your friends.

  • On the 7th day, everyone has the chance to help members that didn't get to finish their order in time. Required goods may vary and will scale according to donors' player levels.

  • As soon as the first donation is made towards an order, this order has to be finished 100%. The cooperative will only be eligible for upcoming event steps and associated rewards  when every member’s orders are fulfilled completely (100%).*

  • Every member can decide for themselves if they would like to contribute to one of the event steps. In case they already know they won't be around for the week, they can skip the respective order. However, this also means that the final reward will not reach its full happiness potential**.    

  • In order to provide an analysis of the current status of each member's orders, progress is shown in an overview dialog. This overview is visible to every other member.

  • If cooperative members donate more farm products than requested in the weekly orders, they can continue to increase the happiness of the decoration slightly.


Exclusive prizes will await, scaling from small activity rewards to a wonderful new decoration. This decoration represents your cooperative's progress during the event. It will become increasingly more valuable as you continue to finish steps. From a Snowy Igloo to a Frosty Ice Castle - the transformation will be remarkable.

How to work towards rewards?

  • Every time you donate goods to fulfill one of Santa's orders, you add to a progress meter shared with your cooperative. 

  • On top of this progress meter, you can find your personal happiness indicator. This indicator shows the happiness value your final reward decoration will get and which quality level it will hold.

  • Happiness scales according to player level. In case of a level-up, happiness of the event decoration will be recalculated and increased accordingly.

  • As soon as all members' orders are fulfilled, more goods can be added, to further improve the decoration.

  • If a cooperative member leaves, or is removed during the course of one event step, all additional progress they contributed to the happiness meter will be lost. These users have to start their orders over again if they join another cooperative or re-join their existing cooperative.

Frosty Ice Castle

  • Every cooperative taking part in the event will receive the Snowy Igloo decoration. This decoration can be upgraded further by taking part in the event.

  • Finished event  steps unlock upgrades to visuals and the happiness of the decoration.

  • Each decoration upgrade comes with a certain base happiness based on player level, which can then be increased by pushing the progress meter higher.

  • In case an event step was not finished successfully after 7 days, another attempt at gaining the next upgrade can be made during the next week, up until the event finishes. However, depending on your overall progress, this could mean that you will not be able to unlock the final stages of the decoration.

  • Be aware: If one member of your cooperative starts working on an order and will not reach 100%, you will have to try another time in the next week. So be sure that all participating players of your Coop finish their part successfully. Of course, all happiness progress will be carried over.

Hard work rewards

  • Every member participating in donations for an event step will unlock activity rewards.

  • Each activity reward is unlocked by reaching certain milestones on the happiness meter.

Disclaimer: If your cooperative is set to open, there is a chance of new members joining at a later point of the event. These new members might start orders without being able to fulfill them. This could potentially result in unfulfilled orders and ultimately in your cooperative not being eligible for all reward stages. Please take this into account when opening your alliance for new members to join freely!

** Hint: The more member slots you have unlocked for your cooperative, the more members should take part in the event to maximize the happiness of your cooperative decoration!

Alright, that concludes all information about the event. Make sure to tell your cooperative, it will start as early as November 23rd

We wish all of you good luck and happy harvests!


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