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Feedback: game speed comparison: videos versus no-videos

I don't know where to post this, so I post it here:

For reason I don't know, yesterday afternoon it happened my farm on the skn server was apparently disconnected from the video feature (blank cinema-sceen behind the event-park place, and the monitor in the bottom show my building slot), but this not happen for my farm on the us server... and just now the same thing happen again.

This has given me the opportunity to compare how the game runs with and without that video add-on.
- Notice: I have never seen one of these videos, nor done it while I was doing these comparative observations!

First of all and most important: With the video disabbled, the game runs much faster!!!
It's both faster to harvest, and moving things like workers and mills moving nice. 

With the videos aviable (and without opening them), it's hard work to harvest because the game have lots of small breaks (I think it's named lacks?), fields and buildings react slow, both when I click on them for harvesting and for start them. 

Also jumping from farm to farm was much faster with the videos disabled, than with the videos aviable.

Next thing is, with video disabled, I can run the game in several hours without it's slowing so much down it's necesarry to reload the game... with the video aviable, the game quickly goes slower and slower, and after only araound ½ hour, it's necesarry to reload the game, else it's hopeless to playing missions.

Furthermore: Take a look a these pictures:
First picture shows how hard my cpu is working before I start up any browsers:

Next picture shows after I have start up Opera with my us farm:

Next old picture shows running both Opera with my us farm and Google Chrome with my skn farm and videos are aviable on both farms:

This picture shows the situation just now where the videos are aviable on my us farm (Opera browser), and videos are disabled on my skn farm (Chome browser):

The next 2 picture shows how much power my browsers use just now, still videos are aviable on my us farm (Opera) and disabled on my skn farm:

Because of these comparisons and observations, I will ask GGS to disable the video feature on both my farm on the us server (BriannospamDK) and my  farm on the skn server (BriannospamGame)
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  • That is totally typical of ALL browser game with moderate coding.  I use to play another browser game from another company and I'd have the same exact stats you are seeing there.

    Big tip about these games is to minimize the browser when you are not doing work on your farm, the moment it is minimize you will see the CPU usage drop down to 10%.

    On the other hand, there is nothing at all you can do about the ram, flash eats A LOT of ram, again this is typical of ALL browser flash base games.
    Pooxy @ us 1
  • But how did you even enable videos!???  I have yet to see one and my coop members are getting gold, fertilizer, dollars - while I have none of that.  I don't think they should have for anyone if not everyone can see them!  What is wrong with my farm?.....
  • It's not myself who have enabled videos for my farms.
    It's GGS who have chosen my farms to be some of the test-rabbits for their experiments with 3'rd parts advertising videos. :(:(:(
    - if I could chose myself, I would immediately disable my farms from these video-testing most of all because as I see it, these videos are a serious security risk!!!   - and next because they slowing down the game.

    And yes, I can prove the videos can be a security risk:

    Lots of players who are enabled to see the videos, have complaints for broken videos and other error with the videos.
    - That prove GGS do not by themselves first have testet the videos before they send the videos out to us. - or in other words: GGS don't know about the videos are safe or not (or for people in all ages, or only for adaults)
    - Nafaru have indirectly confirmed GGS don't know about videos are ok or not ok before they let us have the videos.

    I have setup my browsers to blocking for 3'rd part cookies.
    Now have a look at the following picture:

    The arrow on the piture point at a symbol that's tells me my browser have block for some 3'rd party cookies.
    - why do a 3'rd party want to save a cookie on my pc even I not have open their video?
    - and if a 3'rd party video can try to save cookies... what can a 3'rd party video else try storage on my computers harddisk? (maybe virus or other forms of malware? - I don't know, and I dont want to take the risk)

    Now I'll try to looking a little into the game code:

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  • They are many other tricks too, like "Element blocking" which works quite well at destroying things webpages wants to force you to see.
    Pooxy @ us 1
  • I am with Brian on this one. Will not watch any video advertisements because of the even remote possibility of malware or virus. Might be one of the reasons for not having a lot of the game issues that most seem to be having other than at times slow game speed.
    LCG42 @ us 1
  • My computer with virus protection has red flag and it is not allowing to view video, because the certificate says it is wrong not to view.


  • Jiesta (NL1)Jiesta (NL1) Posts: 6,557
    edited 29.10.2015
    W A R N I N G !!

    My pc was hacked somewhere in September. An IT friend checked my pc and put some heavier fire-wall and Malware detection on it. But strange things kept happening, he had to come back 3 times, but nothing helped. So I finally had a computer expert over and he detected nasty alien stuff. This was when I knew that my pc was hacked. They had to take my pc away to cleanse/clear everything .... (you don't even wanna know how scary these days were, warning my whole network and what a huge job lays ahead of me to have reinstalled everything again) ...I had it back this afternoon. 2 whole days of not farming, no searching for pumpkins (and I really, really, really wanted this Halloween deco so badly!!), no missions for the CC, etc....
    The computer expert told me they found alien stuff in chrome and the ONLY THING I do in chrome is Big Farm. I only downloaded chrome to be able to read the forum and watch the video ads, because it doesn't work in IE.

    See also: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/en/discussion/comment/2670269/#Comment_2670269

    My feedback about watching the video ads stops here of course. Needless to say that I won't watch them anymore, never ever again ... and needless to say I am utterly, utterly sad about missing my Halloween deco now, and missed 2 whole days farming on the Candy Farm, apart from the rest.....
    Hope you all will be more lucky than me.       

    PS: I have posted this in your thread too, @BriannospamGame (SKN1), because you were one of the first to warn us for this. And you were so right. Thanks for your warnings and this opportunity!
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  • This is all very shamefull to read... . GSS doesn't care at all.
    Kaiowas @ nl 1
  • First thing I have to say Jiesta, is the 'like' I have set onto your post of course is not because I like you been hacked :(
    But because you now are 'back on the road' again :)
    - and also because you tell you use Chome only for Bigfarm and the forum.

    Yesterday, my Avast antivirus give alert for a virus file my Maxthon browser have loaded when I playing Bigfarm. (and of course Avast blocked for that file)
    I only use Maxthon to play my skn bigfarm!
    - and I still never open these videos, but anyway these 3'die party partners continuously trying to save their files on my computer. :(
    For my us bigfarm, I use Opera, and for forum I use Chrome.

    About these 3'rd party files:
    I have bought and paid for this computer! - It's not a computer GGS or their 3'party partners have given me.
    Since I never see these videos, and never visit the 3'rd party sites or dealers they come from.. these 3'rd party files are useless for me!
    - Can anybody please tell me why I should offer disc space to useless files?

    In my eyes useless files = garbage!
    These useless 3'rd party files can in my eyes also be compared with graffiti

    Tell me GGS: are some of your 3'rd party partners that kind of people who throw their garbage every where: on streets, in the nature, in other peoples gardens and so on?
    or maybe some of you 3'rd party partners are that kind og people who like to paint "Killroy was here" and all other kinds of graffiti overalll where they come?

    GGS, you and your 3'rd party partners, if it's is so important for you to save yours (for me) useless 3'rd party files somewhere... save these useless 3'rd party files on your own computers!!!

    Jiesta, I'm very sad to hear you have missed the Halloween event and missing 2 days on the candy farm because of that hacking attack :(
    I hope GGS will give you some compensation.
    Her kan du finde danske informationer og tips til spillet http://fjollefarm.naniq.eu

  • Kleine Jan (NL1)Kleine Jan (NL1) NL1 Posts: 283
    Brain you have explained VERY GOOD the problem with those video adds.
    I could not find the right words for it to put it on the forum,but my thinking is excactly the same. You don,t let your dog do  his pooh in the garden from the neighbours without cleaning it up.
    When that adds are so important to GGS let them make for the players  in the adjustments a square wich we click to NOT see the video,s and NOT recive the rewards.
    That will be then the players choise,as you said it is our computer.Not owned by GGS

    And jiesta i am glad that your computer is working again and i feel sorry for you that you cannot win the deco 
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