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Counting error in the new horse tournament?

In the nordic thread, the player Baldera have postet this error report about the new horse tournament.

Baldera (generic_language_skn1) said:
Den nye Turnering ha en telle-feil 

Gull-Liga 30 utfordringer derav 22 seier og 8 tap - skulle bli 22x4 = 88 - 8x2=16  = + 72 poeng men i dag blir det faktisk -4 poeng ?   jeg sletter hele historik - hesten min blir enda en gang utfordret og vinner -1 poeng! 

Hvis hesten min fortsetter å vinner er jeg snart tilbake i bronseligaen :/

edit:kl 19.59  ny seier -+ 0 poeng  og enda en seier +- 0 poeng 
neste edit : 2 Seier 1 tap - 1 poeng
- - - - 
Here comes the Google tranlate of that report:

The new Tournament having a counting error

Gold League 30 challenges thereof 22 win and 8 losses - should be 22x4 = 88 - 8x2 = 16 = + 72 points but today it actually becomes -4 points? I delete the entire Historik - my horse is once more challenged and wins -1 point!

If my horse keeps winning, I'm soon back in the Bronze league: /

edit: at 19.59 another victory - + 0 points and even a victory + - 0 points
next edit: 2 wins 1 loss - 1 point

Edit:  Uuups, wrong thread. :(
- I hope somebody can move this post into this thread: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/bigfarm/en/categories/technical-problems-bugs-en
Her kan du finde danske informationer og tips til spillet http://fjollefarm.naniq.eu


  • If it helps, Nafaru posted a reply to Baldera on the other thread too Brian....

    Nafaru said:
    Baldera, am I wrong in guessing that the 30 challenges you listed were all initiated by yourself (active challenges)? 
    In this case you wouldn't have lost any points for your losses. However, in the meantime you were most probably challenged passively by a lot of other players as they all had 1,200 fuel to use. 

    Losses in passive challenges cause a deduction of points and could explain how you ended up with -4 points. 

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