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What's up with the Cults, Cult Religions, Mysticism, and UFO's?

Thirtyplus (US1)Thirtyplus (US1) Posts: 190
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Many of us just want to play a fun clean game of "farming." What's the point and reason behind the added cults, cult religions, mysticism, and UFO's and what do they have to do with farming?

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    In addition to what Prairiewitch said, the events you listed are a very small sampling of the events that occur on Big Farm.
    How about Mysterious Asia, Here's to Nature, a Hint of Hawaii and fairy tale time, not to mention mini-events such as A Hero For Piggies, the lost bee event(cannot recall the name), the County Fair, the new hard worker event..and of course the event farms! The Viking farm, the Island farm, the Candy farm.
    Besides this of course there are missions, horse training and breeding, the gourmet and flower farms, many happenings in a co-op should you choose to be in one...
    And i am quite sure i am missing plenty!
    There is no theme obviously, unless you isolate a handful of events and lump them together while ignoring the many others.
    Also...if it makes you uncomfortable, just don't open the dialogues to start the events, and you won't participate. Ignore the display and farm, and complete events you do enjoy.

    happy farming!
    FluffySparkle @ us 1
  • Summer (SKN1)Summer (SKN1) Posts: 698SKN1
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    In some parts of this world Christianity is looked upon as a cult. Group of people sharing a belief.

    How do we define "cult"? I googled and read up on this:

    To me seeking answers and understanding is the way to go about everything in life and here on earth and in the univers. Not allowing myself to lock any doors due to thoughts that could prove to be wrong. There are always more sides to a "story". Knowing is believing :wink: 

    Bigfarm respects all by implementing different aspects. Making the game fun, but also educational. With the help of our curiosity and i.e. Google. Darkness in the game? No. Except, maybe, the buy gold nagging part.

    How I see it :wink:

    Cheers :smile:
  • mse (PL1)mse (PL1) Posts: 136PL1
    Every time we have choice!
    If I don't want to participate in some event, the choice is very, very simple - Just do not do that and ignore this. 
    It's just a game. Good game. A game without a dark side - without violence and eroticism. A game for the whole family. And I'm having fun very well. And I wish the same to every virtual farmer.
  • farmerjohn 22 (US1)farmerjohn 22 (US1) Posts: 30,093US1
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    In order to appeal to the widest demographic and attract the largest number of people, GGS has to give it's players a large variety of different storylines to keep them interested. That's all they are, storylines.  As others have already said, these storylines are not forced upon you. You have the option to not play events that have anything in them that you consider offensive. Personally, I think it's a real stretch to be offended by something in a wholesome farming game that's fun for the whole family when there are so many genuine things on the Internet that are truly offensive. Your outrage would be better spent in that direction. Heck, the Ku Klux Klan has their own website!   :D
  • artful (US1)artful (US1) Posts: 5,942US1
    Not wishing to pile on, but I did want to say a couple of things. First, I was going to post what Summer did -- Christianity also is considered a cult to many.  Just putting that out there.

    If the game makes you feel uncomfortable, RoseofSharon, then it is probably best if you move on. But I am not in favor of your saying you are "offended," because that implies that your faith is being attacked, which isn't the case at all. The definition of offence is "annoyance or resentment brought about by a perceived insult to or disregard for oneself or one's standards or principles." No one is disregarding your standards or principals. No one is insulting them. It is up to Christians to follow their own path, live their lives as they think they should.without thinking that those who realize they live in a Global community, and offer inclusiveness and respect to all, are attacking or insulting them. The game is not attacking or trying to insult you.

    There are many, many games that are exclusively for Christians which might be more to your liking. I personally hope you decide to stay, but can certainly understand if you aren't comfortable coming into contact with other points of view.

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