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  • Right now the FL says 6 days left, doesn't that mean there will be only 3 days left after this CC? I forgot to guess the last one but I was sure it would be the fair after the frequency of the last 2 fairs. I was wrong. So, the next event I would think will be the VF, which I believe would fit the previous pattern. Who…
  • The word that always gets me is peacock. I try to tell my teammates to leave them at lvl 1 on the temp farm and it will never let me send the message even though the word is spelled out correctly in the build menu, barn, and tasks. The game can use the word but I am not allowed to. I cannot wait to see if I am able to send…
  • Working backwards before today, the last 6 events were CC, Fair & FHWE, CC, HWE, CC, Fair & FHWE. I told my coop yesterday I expected the CHWE since the last non fishing one was the regular HWE. I have always thought they usually but not always alternate.
  • I have a similar but different offer I have been wondering about for a long time, collectibles. One of our deputies announces on a regular basis when the collectibles offer comes up. We are always short on teamwork so I look for this offer constantly but never get it when she does, in fact I have not seen this offer in a…
  • 499, back in front!
  • Sounds right to me, we haven't had a regular HWE in a while.
  • I just realized my beach field numbers have changed again I think back to what they originally were supposed to be. To go back, at first my level 10 beach fields said the harvest was 115 but they only counted as 77. After the update they said they counted for 100 and they did when checking the turf totals. Today they are…
  • I no longer have a clue what will be next. I do have a question though, what will be the next month long temp farm? If i recall correctly, we had 4 straight winter farms (1 of the 4 was the festive farm), and now we have had the candy and island farms alternating twice.
  • My beach fields are adding properly now though I haven't checked to see if they are adding properly with humus. Maybe that is why we received the free turf seed gift today, to make up for the mistake.
  • I think I have 1 deco with a 1% field boost on the gourmet farm. A coopmate just tested the beach gardens and it seems like they have altered/fixed the issue. My beach gardens now show 100 turf on a regular seed without humus instead of 115 and I believe they are adding to the turf total properly now. I will be right back…
  • Very observant of you @"Dark Underworld (AU1)" I am getting 38 less turf than the 115 it says I should get on a level 10 beach field without any humus. I put in 3 more beach fields just because of the high harvest rate, they are not lvl 10's yet but they should be outperforming my regular fields, or at least the numbers…
  • No payout here but we did get the payout from the England game before it and the Netherlands game after it.
  • Some of the previous posts are a little misleading, I just want to point out that the payouts from placing whistles on teams are given for each goal scored by a team, not whether the team wins or loses the match. I will stop there but I would recommend that everyone not familiar with this tournament should research the…
  • @"Data King (US1)" is right, todays match is not worth discussing except that it means Euro2020 is finally under way. I will say Italy by more than 2 goals.
  • Going with England. They could end up playing 6 of 7 games at Wembley.
  • Well, that was certainly a pattern change, bringing the fair back so soon. I am shocked! They must be reading this thread and crossing us up on purpose lol! :) I will stick with my guess of regular HWE after the next CC but nothing would surprise me at this point.
  • That is my guess, I would be quite surprised if it was not the regular HWE next. After that the predicting gets tougher.
  • Nice to have you with us Keri:) We love helping others with the game:)
  • I wish I had been charting the sequence but I have not written it down. I also know the sequence frequently changes. I guessed FL would be tied to FHWE only because the last time the VF was tied to the FL. The fair did seem to be very frequent in the not too distant past but lately it seems to be only half as often.…
  • The next event will obviously be the CC, followed by HWE, then CC, then CHWE, then CC, then HWE, then CC, then VF & FHWE and I will really go out on a limb and say the FL is tied to the FHWE. I believe this has been the pattern we have seen lately.