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  • Dragons4Me (AU1)
    I absolutely LOVE your veiled chameleon! a fellow herper here!
  • FarmerCli (US1)
    Am I the only one responding to you?  Well here goes again.
    Things to cut and add for the 3-day Horse Ranch Dream World event:
    1. Cut out all the factories and mines - replace with an Equipment Store (as we won't have time to craft our own)
    2. Set up a barn so as to store a certain amount of equipment that we purchased from the store using Horse Crests or Gold
    3. Cut the need for Farm dollars - use instead horseshoes and horse crests
    4. Cut out the need for trees and upgrading stumps
    5. Start everyone out with a "starter amount" of horseshoes and horse crests 
    6  Give one horse to every player and start those horses at level 40 with the basic breeding attribute
    7. Give tasks to complete such as utilizing the arenas (rewards will be horseshoes and horse crests)
    8.  The horseshoes/gold will be to buy more horses in the Horse Market and the Horse Crests/gold will be to buy equipment at the Equipment Store.
    9.  Winning races will be part of the daily tasks as well as advancing in the ranks (Derby>Preakness>Triple Crown)
    10. A horse meadow like building on the ranch rather than in the Village where folks can send their horses for upgrading (the items used for the meadow can be bought in the Equipment Store using horse crests/gold

    So basically the only thing we should see on this Dream World Horse Ranch is: 1. Stable (which can be leveled up in a speeded mode like the way buildings are in the Tessa's Dream World) 2.Three arenas for horse training 3. Horse Market 4. Equipment Store and 5. A Horse Meadow building on one end of the Horse Ranch Dream World.

    I hope I have not left anything out!   <3o:)
  • FarmerCli (US1)
    My question in response is: Will this new HWDW be on our own servers or will it be like the Tessa's DW which is on a universal server?  The reason I ask is that every time we begin the Tessa's DW, we must start from the beginning with our farms.  To do this with the DW Horse Ranch does not seem feasible unless everyone is given a high level raceable horse (with full attributes) and access to all the equipment needed.  Or is given an opportunity to purchase a top quality horse from the Horse Market. This way a true test of how we use our equipment on our horses will be a deciding factor in which one will come out on top. Since making our own equipment won't be feasible for this kind of event on a universal server, I would suggest there be a Store where we can buy all the needed equipment using Horse Crests, or gold.

    Since this will be something new, maybe the GGS Team can start us all out with enough Horse Crests so we can get started (buying equipment and horses) and then maybe earn more horse crests/gold as we win races.

  • William Robert (US1)
    All that needs to be done to the Horse Ranch to make it better is to roll it back about 4 or 5 months.

    If you want a dream ranch, roll the current configuration out as that.

    Or maybe make it so a horse of 20 or more levels higher than a competitor actually wins at least 75% of the time, challenger or challenged.
  • FarmerCli (US1)
    I think if we do have a Horse Ranch Dream World many things would have to be a given and already provided for especially if this is to be 1 week long. **upgrading need to be minutes long vice hours long or days long.
    1.  All the trees needed for each of the horse factories need to be already upgraded to highest**
    2.  All the factories on the ranch need to be already upgraded to the highest**
    3.  The Stable and Arenas need to be already upgraded to the highest**
    4.  Horseshoes need to be easily accessible like currency as well as horse crests to every player whether or not they are able to purchase gold.
    5. Assuming that this new horse dream world is like the Dream World where all servers are together in one and can create cooperatives, then the cooperative would need a pre-set Horse Meadow already leveled up and ready to use so that needing the other factories of the Village will be unnecessary. This way we can focus on strategies for properly equipping our horses for horse challenges (racing, jumping, dressage)

    I know this is a lot to think about but hope it helps!
  • FarmerCli (US1)
    This horse ranch dream world sound interesting, but those tree stumps take a very, very long time to upgrade as well as the factories.  If it is anything like the regular Dream World that only lasts for 1 week, I am afraid that by the time all the needed trees get upgraded and the factories plus the mine, well, lets just say we'd get nowhere very fast when the event ends.  So I sure hope you all have taken that into consideration.  Will there be horse racing?  Oh yes, and it does take a very long time to raise up a good horse to race or will we be able race our very low level horses?  Will there be a meadow in this new horse ranch Dream World? (a meadow means cooperatives that need village stuff to get the meadow upgraded). I don't want to sound negative, but so much of the regular horse ranch is intertwined with filling the ship with goods for horseshoes (mainly greenhouse plants that come from our Temp Farms, this is where we get much of our horseshoes needed to upgrade the stable, buy new horses to raise up, and training arenas, plus do stable breedings) and then as said before there is the Horse Meadow out in the Village which requires products from the Metals Factory and the Textiles/Timber Factory which needs the use of Village dollars from the Village Bank.
  • Julie05 (US1)
    Yes!! will you please fix our farm ~~~ our  horse  is not working  properly and our prizes are missing~~~~ and on and on ~~~ please.. fix it will you~~~ thank you~~~Julie05 and Juliex5
    • WillyBigFoot
      Hi, @Julie05(US1), I am honesty sorry you are having some issues but I can't help you without more details. So to you & ev1.
      Hello everyone, I/we need your support so that we can forward bugs more specifically in the future.
      Please post your error messages with the following information:

      Problem Description:
      How is the error noticed?
      On which server do you play?
      After what steps does the error occur?
      When did the error occur?
      A screenshot would be helpful in troubleshooting.

      Measures carried out:

      Technical first aid ?
      Change of browser?
      Has the currentness of the browser been checked and is the browser up-to-date?

      Operating system:

      Windows xxxxx / Mac / Linux
      Game version (can be seen in html when registering in the registration/Log-in window)

      Browser and browser version?

      RAM size?

      If there is a need for compensation, please also contact support:

      (If general compensation has already been announced by GGS, please do not contact support)

      Please also refrain from error messages like "Half our co-operative is affected".
      If half of your co-op is affected, please provide the names of the players concerned and
      the information under "Operating System" if the players do not want to report individually,
      which would of course be more ideal.

      This makes it much easier for us to determine how many players are affected and
      we can also forward the additional information necessary for GGS.
      Thank you
      WillyBigFoot & the Mod. Team
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