Need real players in co op

I need some real players in my co op
dane crazy
I am from Texas and in a few days I will be able to add 2 new players to my co op
I need people that are going to play but not with real money
and that will play
I either have people that just want to completely take over and monopolize the whole co op and win huge at every contest and play with real money
people that wont do anything at all 
would love to have someone to talk to as well sometimes
if there is anyone out there that would like to join my co op please come and send me a message on my co op wall
Eigentümer: cameo47 (US1)Anführer: cameo47 (US1)Auf May 20, 2019 erstellen16 MitgliederPrivatsphäre: Öffentlich


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