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  • Hello Everyone (waving Hand) I guess it is only fair. I have been asking you all questions in the Where in the World is Willy Contest and they will get harder, so, ask away :-) In regards to BugsBunny's example question, Where is my favorite travel destination? I have traveled a lot and so far my favorite place is, All the…
  • Hello everyone. WOW, you all are getting good at Your Contest. B) One idea I had is if we did not quote the entire question back. It makes the thread too long and cluttered with all the repeated pics :-) So please just use the @ to the player that posted that question. Like this: @WillyBigFoot I think the answer is.... or…
  • It's a crying shame. The forum software does not seem to allow FLAC music files :'( I will look for mp3's with the song that I can't get out of my head right now, if it exists. Perhaps it will depend on my current perception of reality. :-) Found one :smile: YAY I found what I…
  • @"Fallen (INT1)" I believe the Developers are looking into that. Does not mean it will happen though. I like the idea too. <3 
  • @"Jenny1979 (GR1)" You are So Generous giving out clues <3
  • Hello Everybody :) I hope you all are well. I just think I should try to clear up the Where's your Willy Contest. It was going to be 4 Weeks total, it is now 5 Weeks. You have all this week to finish and Private message me @WillyBigFoot with your answers for Questions One through Six and YOU ALL CAN have all Week to figure…
  • Hello, OK, I give up! There is just not enough time in the day! This Weeks Question is extended until this weekend. Thank you <3
  • Question 7: Where in the World is Willy: Your Very Own Contest! YOU Post 3 to 4, a maximum of 4, songs or pictures or poems or quotes or plants or jokes, factories or folks or, whatever You want! With a Theme. They MUST have a theme. How are these things related? What do these things have in common? It is up to you, It's…
  • Hello, I hope you all are well. Here is Question 6: but first. I did say that Week one was a little too easy and now I may have moved too far into the difficult side. This is not supposed to be work, it is fun, so since I have had a few comments about how difficult it is, I will ease up on Question 6 and you all can…
  • Hello, oh, wait, it is coming soon. Let's all go to the Lobby, Lets all go to the lobby............ Preview: Where in The Whole Wide Wonderful World is Wondrous Wild Wicked Silly Willy Watching you Wait, wait, eating popcorn. I'm just teasing, being a Silly Willy Questions 6 & 7 coming soon <3 The Forum will judge the…
  • Del Delmonico Steak, Mac & Cheese, Black seedless grapes, a Purple Tiger Plum and Sangria First I started with wheat and rice flour noodles in boiling salted water until quite al dente, They will finish later. At the same time I started another pan with a light drizzle of E.V.O.O and tossed in some Bacon I sliced into…
  • Question 5 - Week 2 of: Where in the World is Silly Willy Please, BEFORE YOU GOOGLE ANYTHING....... BigFoot is watching you...... I want YOUR thoughts, if I receive plagiarized entry's or an entry with a word or 3 changed in someone else's thoughts I will deny them and ban the plagiarist from this question and possibly the…
  • Question 4, Week 2 of: Wait to PM me your Answers: Wait for ALL the 7 Questions! : Wait... Wait.............Wait.................................. W H E R E in the W O R L D is W I L L Y Question 4 Week 2: Would you get 2 ( a Male and a Female ) German Shepard pups or any other capable, Intelligent, working breed pups, for…
  • Question 3, Week 2 of: Wait to PM me your Answers: Wait for ALL the 7 Questions! : Wait... Wait.............Wait.................................. W h e r e i n t h e W o r l d i s W i l l y " I can't love shot full of holes, Don't feel nothin, I just feel cold" What song is that quoted from? Who was the Author/Lyricist?…
  • Por favor Disculpame. No pude conseguir una versión en español.Agregaré subtítulos en español y latino-español más tarde, cuando tenga tiempo.Disfrute de este anuncio de servicio público para estos tiempos
  • and the Chicken Chalet looks like this: