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I hear ya'. I used to be a daily player, always had it open while working in the background. Gave my coop a heads up that I'd be scarce for a while and didn't log in for a week. Logged back in and...nope nothing fixed. So away another week, logged in this morning, and NOPE STILL nothing fixed and members droppin' like…
Rosy, I think the OP is referring to the missing ZZZ's on the stable above the groves, not the almond grove. In the upper picture it shows a beach type stable without the zzz's and the bottom picture the zzz's are back. 
  • I've been holding off commenting until I had time to try and work within this new chaos. I've given it time, and run the math. I spent $7,813,828,200.00 in farm dollars and 703,550 in GOLD to level my lab to 24. I did it specifically so I could get to the seaweed feed as well as the plethora of previously mentioned things…
  • I'm curious as to why this happened to RozZz. Have been thinking about signing up for that package but if it's buggy I'd like to know so I can make an informed decision. Sounds like I should continue to "think" on it instead of acting on it. Please let us know here what the problem is and whether it's an isolated instance…
  • Same to you and everyone here! :-)
    V diskuzi NEW YEAR Komentář od JamieFraser (US1) 01.01.2021
  • So hopefully you got some info back from the team before they left? It's still doin' the weirdness thing on this. I'm not too keen on buying when I can't know what it is that they're trying to sell. 
    V diskuzi Dairy Handbooks Komentář od JamieFraser (US1) 23.12.2020
  • Yeah! Already took advantage of that a few times. :-)
  • I finally did exactly this last spring and am so glad I did. It cost a good bit, and I used gold to also push thru the earlier build times quickly, utilized overnight build times, etc. But well worth the game enjoyment and I've not noticed a huge uptick since spring in contract amounts and/or coop jetty boat repair costs.…
    V diskuzi Spacious Barn Komentář od JamieFraser (US1) 20.12.2020
  • Just checked something else on it, and it definitely looks like something is amiss, Bugs. Sale says one thing, library says another. Hopefully having both screenshots will help them narrow down what the problem is. Tks for checking into it. JF re olives
    V diskuzi Dairy Handbooks Komentář od JamieFraser (US1) 19.12.2020
  • Well I just noticed this same odd percentage change on the chicken feed handbook. Hummm. 500% more? I'm used to seeing hard numbers, not percentages. Somethin' seems amiss. I didn't buy it, don't need it. But makes me wonder what I DID buy and didn't notice this as well. Any idea how long ago they made this switch-a-roo?…
    V diskuzi Dairy Handbooks Komentář od JamieFraser (US1) 19.12.2020
OOOOOH! I never knew that! Lesson for the day. I'd been on a book frenzy when I've seen 90% off on one I use a lot. Thanks for the explanation along with the graphic, Alaa! 😊
  • Dang, that was fast, glad I didn't start my stacker for the challenge or I'd be P.O.'d!!
  • Event's almost over now, only 9 days left. And Omar is back yet again, for what I think is the 4th time. Yet no WoF. Still. Something is wrong, that isn't random. It's a change in the game. They've been notified about it for weeks and done nada. Not even clue in the mods so they can try and get answers to the players and…
Yeah, it's pretty much tanked my whole winter farm game. This isn't a bad string of random luck. This is a problem in the game, and it needs to get some GG attention. If this is the new game protocol, just say so in order for us to adjust accordingly. Will this also be the case on the other temporary farms, where the…
Problem with that is in order to demo them, ya' gotta build 'em first. And I have my perfect mix of 14 boats as is. So I'd have to demo one of my already max upgraded boats in order to build a boat I won to then demolish. But by donating to Santa's Workshop they helped me rack in 6 L9 deco's last Christmas, which was…
  • However, IF we get the Santa's Workshop this year, and IF they still let us donate extra ships to it, you can get some pretty sweet high level decos that way. Best use of spare ships around. ;-) Good luck!