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  • You earn diamonds in the dream worlds. They are required for some of the high end items on your regular farms. Some of the largest items take MANY diamonds. If you want them you'll have to participate in many DW challenges to earn enough.
  • A couple other notes about sparkles. 1. You can buy some of them with Karma (Go to your trade center and select the gift trader tab) 2. Use just the small lucky charm on the mills, composters, and silos. Even though they are small they give a 100% boost on those objects. You don't get better results with a large or…
  • LOL. I don't know for sure. This is the one I'm currently getting when I sign in. and this is the one I get while playing Clicking the red "X" to cancel isn't a big issue unless there are unharvested crops under it or I'm in a hurry.
  • On US1 there are pop up ads that come up from time to time in the center of the screen that are part of the game program and are not blocked by ad blockers but they are always ads for Big Farm. One pops up when you first sign in for the day and they will occasionally pop up while you are playing which can be VERY annoying…
  • Left click on the deco and select store. That will put it back into your drop box. There is a caveat. You can only have 200 decorations stored in your drop box. If you are all ready at the maximum stored decos you won' be able to move it.
  • It depends on the type of chum. When you use a bucket of ordinary chum it increases the number of any type of fish caught per hour by 10%. This takes up one equipment slot on your boat. In way of explanation: A fully upgraded trawler has 12 slots for equipment/crew The trawler catches 15 fish per hour and fishes for a…
  • Twice during the holiday event they had the offer where you could change your ordinary seeds into special or premium seeds.
  • Note: you have to grow the basic crop. Special seeds don't produce breeding speeds
  • I can remember 2022 like it was just yesterday! Happy New Year!
  • It depends on your computer system. I used Firefox for years on this until Opera came out with their latest browser and now am using Opera. I've always had trouble with Chrome and Edge.
  • Bennet Drake's answer (while a tad cynical) is the correct one as far as we can tell. All of the programming infrastructure was all ready in place but far fewer people will spend huge amounts of gold to buy things when they can save runestones so they made the runestones obsolete and made temp farm coins non-collectable.…
  • I participate in the temp farms during the FIFA event just to get the extra whistles, trophies, and footballs from harvesting on the temp farm.
  • I still get runestones from gold mystery boxes and gold chests.
  • To give an idea of how worthwhile (or not) fish dishes are for contracts I finally got a level 99 contract that wants only roast bass and apples. A single roast bass and apples sells for 588 farm dollars directly out of the barn. This contract is offering 198,896 for 1,132 of them. Which works out to 175 farm dollars each.…
  • If you are talking about a boat rental for Oleg all you have to do is hover over Oleg with your mouse pointer and your total harvest and time remaining to complete that harvest will be displayed. If you are talking about deep sea fishing it depends on your type of boat and its load out but the game calculates quite a bit…
  • The answer to that question is: It varies. If you buy something off the market it costs 10 times what you get from selling it directly to the market. As an example it costs 10 farm dollars to buy a wildflower. When you sell a wild flower directly from the barn you earn 1 farm dollar for it. If you grow wild flowers it…
  • Lower level fish market contracts will sometimes want the fish dishes. You make more money using them to fill these contracts than selling them straight out of storage. The higher level contracts tend to just want deep sea fish. Most of the fish dishes you make will be used as gifts for the adventurer in your coop's…
  • On the US server they have all ready begun. If you aren't seeing them try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page.
  • The more expensive fish hooks drop faster and have a larger catch radius. They are not really important. The basic hooks work just fine once you practice. (Which is why you can't really tell the difference. Use the cheap ones). Poles have a durability rating and a time rating. The durability rating is how long you can use…