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 Big Farm Buildings Word Search
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  • ChickadeeQuilter
     Big Farm Buildings Word Search
  • JellyJam (US1)
    Good morning Chickadee,

    Here are my 25 words:

    1. Job Center
    2. Dairy
    3. Metal Factory
    4. Mixing Plant
    5. Library
    6. Trade Center
    7. Greenhouse
    8. Jam Factory
    9. Workshop
    10. Watermill
    11. Distillery
    12. Stables
    13. House
    14. Boat
    15. Market Hall
    16. Chalet
    17. Silo
    18. Mine
    19. Dock Yard
    20. Garage
    21. Bee City
    22. Nursery
    23. Smelter
    24. Tannery
    25. Jetty
  • ChickadeeQuilter
    The correct thread is in General Discussions & Questions. Scroll down to the discussion: New Right Side Bar?
    There you can post comments about the ads.  Please repost it as we are collecting data.
  • ChickadeeQuilter
    I believe buying the smallest amount of gold will remove the ads for 60 days.
  • dawnsky (US1)
    Not sure what thread to ask this question on, so here it is. Some members of my coop are getting Advertising Banners on their farm site. They are asking me how or what to do about getting these ads taken off. If it requires Gold buying to remove ads, how much gold is sufficient and how long does the gold last before ads reappear; I guess what I am asking is what are the basic facts for removing ads. I buy Gold on a regular basis so I do not have this problem. What do I tell my farmers? 
  • ChickadeeQuilter
    We are sorry, but they started the wrong horse-season, cancelled it and started the right one, so everybody who was online has to start at the bottom of bronze, the ones who weren't online were lucky and started a bit further up. There will be no compensation as the horse-season is running a week longer as compensation. 

    I will encourage you to contact support to see if they will credit your gold that you spent on the fuel upgrades.
  • jwllmsjnb (US1)
    Their hotfix is messed up. I had purchased the upgrades for fuel and tank size before the hotfix. After the hotfix, I had to repurchase the tank with no gold credit. And the fuel upgrades showed purchased and I couldn't purchas them again but got no fuel credit for them.

    Also, the first time I raced before the upgrade, I made it to prize #6. This time only to prize #24. I think they need to go back and audit the changes they made.
  • ChickadeeQuilter
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