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Are you a fan of Big Farm? Do you enjoy helping out your fellow players and community? Do you have regular time you can spend speaking directly with the Community and Game teams to help support your community? Then red through the recruitment form and apply HERE to be considered to join the team :)

Nabor do spoločenstva Farmarov Club

Dexxer (SK1)Dexxer (SK1) SK1 Komentářů: 8
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Info o spoločenstva
Zalozenie spoločenstva:14.3.2020
 Spoločenstvo sa menuje : Farmarov Club
 Spoločenstvi Level:11
 Clienovia vo  spoločenstvo:2/15 
Level vyzkumu:5

Na jakem spoločenstvi je na serveri:
Server: SK1

Podmienky do spoločenstva:
*Musite mat 6+ lvl
*Musite byt aktivny
Nabizime od spoločenstva
+ Dobra komunita
+Pridavame novinky do spoločenstva Farmarov Club
-Poslete zadost majitelovi spoločenstva: Dexxer
To je odo mna vsetko.
-Dexxer [SK1]


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