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The Best King (INT1)

The Best King (INT1)
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  • My Nominations: @"Exxy (INT1)", for being a great leader, friend and forum contributor :) @"ninjahuman (AU1)", incredibly helpful on the forum, and created an awesome Pleasure park guide :) @"Heather Norsk (US1)", always willing to give useful feedback about my ideas, and probably has commented in more threads than almost…
  • No offence, but I would say that the Santa's wheel should be immediately stopped and restarted later on in Jan when it's fixed... This is because, let's be honest, ggs is about to go on Holiday maybe, and I wouldn't think that they would play the Workshop a 2nd time just to appease us because they screwed up (no offence,…
Well, the Workshop does still give out deco's, you could try to win some for the deco valley, but it would have to be from the "basic selection" of quality 3 :( 
  • @RosyStarling @BugsBunny @ChickadeeQuilter It seems that this Santa's workshop is a little bugged, For the first problem, it's the one that hayd mentioned above, let's say you're at the quality 5 in the Santa's workshop, and you haven't donated anything towards reaching quality 6. Even if you donate some stuff to move the…
 Well, I think something that might have to do with that is that the forum is readable and accessible to everyone, even if you're not logged in. On the other hand, to even get a link or something that you could go to to participate in the contest, you'd need to log into your account which has joined the bigfarm…
The festive coins seems to serve no actual purpose so far that could not be achieved with rune-stones itself, nevertheless, we can only hope for a reversal of the those new coins... @"debj (GB1)" The festive coin trader should stay for a few days after the Festive farm ends, so we'll have a chance to spend all of our…
  • Perhaps, if this new button was introduced, there could be a small pop-up after opening all at once giving the breakdown of what rewards you got :)
  • Thanks @"Dennis Monroe (GB1)" and @"Heather Norsk (US1)" Unfortunately forgot about this thread, but will be looking forward to decipher the meaning of the text in the next vf. In terms of it being something added for every 10% of the item required amount that your coop harvests, it's possible, I guess, but unlikely, as I…
  • True enough, though you must admit that there is a barrier to entry to get a dazzling duck coop as well, albeit a bit smaller one. Also 5 seaweed feed on chunky chickens gives 482 eggs x 5 = 2420 eggs and 25 seaweed feed on a dazzling duck coop gives 1874 eggs, which means that the chunky chickens still gives 29.14% more :)
 Dazzling duck coop (level 8): 1874 eggs/25 seaweed feed Collosal chicken (level 8): 674 eggs/5 seaweed feed 5 x 674 = 3370 - 1874 = 1496 / 1874 = 79.82% more eggs for the same amounts of seaweed feed :) Plus, you can also use the powerhouse for +50% from stables, which will only affect the the big chickens :)
Well, that was a teensy bit confusing to me too, but when they say "right away" I'm think that they mean that you'll be able to exchange to lower level catalysts as soon as the update is in effect, while if you want to exchange rare to precious catalysts, for example, you'll need to be able to use precious catalysts…
  • As far as I can see, the chunky/capacious/collosal chickens are not so great for the quantity of eggs you get when flipping them (compared to candy chickens running the whole time), but instead are better for the amount of eggs you get for 5 seaweed feed :) Personally, I love my colossal, and my chunkies as well, as I…
  • Thanks for the fun contest Rosy, and congrats to all the winners :) Interesting painting as well ;)
  • Well, my guess by now is that they removed it... It is probably a good idea in terms of balancing, as the catalyst offer + catalyst conversion tab was making things crazy, nevertheless, they just put the lab back to the beginning of the redo, where it was pretty useless in terms of making medium quantities of premium…
  • Awesome, thanks for the info @"Jesse123 (INT1)" and @RosyStarling :)
  • Next event: Vf + fhwe (with fhwe counting for the fl)
 Hi Andrew, well, yeah, as hwe's are 3 days long, and cc's are 4 days long, that means that within 7 days, they both happen once, and that hwe's (of some kind) have started on Tuesdays for a fair while. Nevertheless, Hwe's and cc's were not always set up at 3 days long and 4 days long respectively, so while that may…
  • Well, at this point it's flipping a coin between a chwe and a hwe as the next event, nevertheless, I'll go with: Next Event: Cooperative Hard Worker Event
Interesting, thanks :)
  • Yeah, I'm sure it would be great... but I agree with Exxy, it seems a bit overboard :D